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What Are the Health Benefits of Grape Seed Extract?

The benefits of grape seed are like those of other antioxidants, but they are much stronger. Learn the details by reading on.


Most everyone knows about antioxidants. The more common ones are the vitamins C and E. If you’re like most people, you take a vitamin C tablet every day and maybe more if you have a cold.

The antioxidants that are found in grape seed extract are called proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins are 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 50 times more potent than vitamin E when it comes to scavenging free radicals. Free radicals are one of the causes of cellular aging. If we take the right combination of antioxidants every day, we may extend our life spans significantly.

Circulatory & Vascular Disorders

The primary grape seed extract benefit, the one that has been studied the most, is to treat and prevent circulatory and vascular disorders. It may be beneficial for those that suffer from varicose veins and atherosclerosis.

High Blood Pressure, Diabetes

There are benefits of grape seed for those that suffer from high blood pressure and complications associated with diabetes, including retinopathy, which can lead to blindness and nerve death, which can lead to amputation. The seeds have been used to treat swelling caused by injury or disease. That is due to the anti-inflammatory activity of proanthocyanidins.

Cavities, Cancer, Cirrhosis

Because of the grape seed extract benefit to the circulatory system, it may reduce the risk of blood clots in the brain and heart. It has been used to promote healing and help prevent cavities. Current studies focus primarily on the benefits of grape seed for prevent cancer, liver cirrhosis and degenerative diseases of all kinds. Another well known grape seed extract benefit is to improve night vision. That is also a benefit of vitamin A. The combination of the two could help you drive more safely when it’s dark outside.

Allergies, Hay Fever

Grape seed extract is one of the botanicals that can reduce allergies. It inhibits the production of inflammatory compounds that cause allergic reactions, particularly things like hay fever. It does this without causing the unwanted side effects that accompany antihistamines.

Wrinkles, Sagging Skin

If you are worried about getting wrinkles or having saggy skin as you get older, you may be interested in the benefits of grape seed for the skin’s health. Because of its antioxidant activity, it protects collagen fibers from the damage that free radicals can do. Because of its anti-inflammatory activity, it helps prevent chronic inflammation from damaging collagen fibers, too.

But, of all of these, the grape seed extract benefit that has most people excited is its potential to prevent cancer of all kinds. Grape seed extract has been shown in laboratory studies to decrease the rate of growth of cancer cells and tumors.

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