Wet or dry prohormones – Which is better?

Steroids and prohormones are very similar in their characteristics. In their similarity is the difference between being wet or dry. To those not well versed in anabolic pharmacology, being wet or dry means whether it converts to estrogen or not. With higher estrogen in the body water is retained and that’s where we get the terms wet or dry. Compounds that do not convert to estrogen do not make you retain water so they’re considered dry. It has nothing to do whether you take it in liquid or powder form, as some people have guessed.

Wet Prohormones

Is the best prohormone wet? Wet prohormones convert to a testosterone base and are more often than not used strictly for bulking. Testosterone converts to both estrogen and DHT. With estrogen comes the possibility of estrogenic side effects. BUT! In laymans terms we’ve talked about the andro/estro ratios in males. Throwing either of these out of wack can cause extremely negative sexual side effects depending on how far they are out of proportion. To many androgens and not enough estrogen will cause erectile dysfunction in men. To combat this make sure you run all of your dry prohormones with a testosterone base.

Dry Prohormones

Or is the best prohormone dry? Dry prohormones don’t convert to testosterone so they can never break down to estrogen. Dry prohormones convert to DHT or a DHT derivative. DHT increases the andro side of the ratio and promotes the hardening of the muscle as well as fat loss and strength. Throwing your ratios in favor of androgens will cause erectile dysfunction while the balance continues to be in this favor. Once returned to normal sexual function will also return to normal.


The best prohormone doesn’t need to specifically dry or wet. But it depends soly on your goals. For someone looking to gain strength and mass while in a bulking phase I would suggest Methdrol for mass and EpiAndro for strength. For lean muscle mass and strength I would suggest 1 – Andro and EpiAndro.

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