Tricep Workouts For Mass

So I was goofing around on the internet before class today. I decided to google something along the lines of “What body part do women love most?”. I got a lot of conflicting information. Women loved a guy with a big chest. They loved a guy with wide shoulders. They loved a guy with a nice round behind. So these ranked ALL over the place on various different articles. Some of them were first, some of them were last, but they were never consistent. The only body part that consistently ranked in the top three were….drum roll please! Arms! We’re gonna make those arms grow with some info on tricep workouts for mass.

We know that the triceps make up a whopping 2/3 of your arm’s mass. How do you make your arms bigger? By making your triceps bigger!

I personally only do three, maybe four exercises on arm day for triceps. Why so light? Because the triceps are getting their butt worked off assisting the chest on chest day and shoulders on shoulder day. So they get a lot of accessory work throughout the week even if you may not think they are. Following biceps on arm day, I usually like to use the following exercises.

Tricep Pushdown

By now my elbow is pretty warm. I like to get a set or two in before my working sets to move some blood into the tricep and get a feel for the muscle. After this the tricep pushdown is a good exercise to hit the partial contraction curve, but mostly the strength curve.


I’ve heard a lot of people talk a lot of crap about skullcrushers. Honestly, I think they’re one of the best tricep exercises for mass. Without proper warmup or using ridiculous weight that you grind out through the entire set causes skullcrushers to be the leading suspect in tricep tendonitis for those of us that hit the iron regularly.

Tricep Kickbacks

Possibly one of the very few tricep exercises that hit the contraction curve of the triceps. When done correctly the user leans over a bench with his chest parallel to the floor. The arm is pulled behind the back and this will shorten the tricep as much as possible. I like to use this as a finisher because with the physiological make up of the tricep, doing this exercise without rest will force a copious amount of blood into the tricep.

Use these three exercises on arm day following biceps. As I’ve said in other articles get into tune with your body. Feel your muscle and work on your connection with it so you’re not just moving the weight mindlessly. With proper nutrition, these tricep workouts for mass will have the ladies eyeballin your arms through your t shirt.

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