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Top 6 bodybuilding supplements you need


Have you visited the health and sports nutrition store recently? You can find lot of products here if you are a man looking to lose a little fat or build some muscles. A healthy diet, some cardio, and various weight-training exercises are the first things to do in order to reach your goal. Don’t you think that knowing the supplements that help the most in your progress would be great? We have collected six scientifically researched supplements that are most likely to help your physical progress so it is highly recommended for you to consider.

6. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Do you not see the expected fat loss results yet you have muscle soreness and fatigue? If it’s true for you, you should take BCAAs. It was discovered by researchers of the University of Birmingham, UK, that the muscle soreness was significantly reduced in case of study participants who supplemented with BCAAs before and after training. It was revealed by a Brazilian study that BCAA supplementation significantly reduced the fatigue and enhanced fat burning in glycogen-depleted participants.

5. Creatine

If you want to build strength and lean muscle mass you should try creatine. An eight-week study conducted by a Canadian research team found that amongst ceratine supplementing participants who performed resistance-training exercises, the insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-I) was increased. IGF-I is known to produce anabolic effects in adults. However, one should not take excessive amounts because different side effects may be involved. Three grams of creatine supplementation a day is a safe amount according to the European Food Safety Authority.

4. Protein Bars and Powders

Any given expert will strongly advice you to take protein pre and post workout in order to stimulate muscle growth. Protein supplements (powders, nutrition bars, etc.) are useful for those who can’t schedule meals around workout. In case you need to eat and run, take a nutrition bar rich in high quality protein and have all the essential fats and carbs instead of unhealthy, greasy fast food. If you have more time, try a refreshing protein shake.

3 Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Do you think that every kind of fat is harmful? You should reconsider it. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and originally published in the journal of Nutrition, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has the „good fats”, omega fatty acids. CLA could help in loosing fat and preserving muscle tissues. An average of six pounds of weight loss was noted in the case of the 71 participants of the study, therefore you should take omega fatty acids during your diet or supplements.

2. Glutamine

If you feel run down or even sick after your training, glutamine might be able to help according to an Italian research, which claims that glutamine could reduce inflammation and infection. Moreover, it could also enhance muscle growth. According to a research from Scotland, it regulates glycogen within your body and enhances performance and muscle growth due to its ability to boost levels.

1. Multivitamins

If you will ever be able to hear you body talk, it would probably tell you that exercising takes a lot out of you. During working out, you lose lots of vitamins that are essential for you to sustain yourself. The results show that many who work out in order to maintain a certain body weight often lack vitamins. Multivitamins can help to supply your body with the essential vitamins. You should start your day with this supplement but be aware of the recommended amount.