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The Ultimate Prohormone FAQ


How old should I be, before trying a prohormone cycle?

Assuming you’re a healthy male with no existing medical condition, you should wait until you’re AT LEAST 21 years old.  First and foremost, young men can continue to grow and have other hormonal changes even up until 21 (and in some cases past 21), therefore to avoid potential health risk waiting to 21 is heavily advised.  In our opinion, we recommend waiting even after you’re 21 years old, give yourself adequate time to develop advanced knowledge of your body in it’s adult state and let yourself hit it’s natural peak before venturing into prohormones.

What is PCT?

Also known as “Post Cycle Therapy” this is the period of time immediately after the prohormone cycle has ended, during this time users will begin to take supplements or medication to help their body return to normal hormone production levels.

What is Gyno (Gynecomastia)?

Gyno is the development of abnormally large mammary glands in males which results in enlarged breast tissue or sometimes referred to as ‘man boobs’ or moobs.  Gyno can happen from puberty, improper designer steroid/pro-hormone usage along with other various somewhat uncommon causes.

How long should I wait in between prohormone cycles?

In general time on is equal to time off, therefore if the entire duration of your previous prohormone cycle, from start to finish (including PCT) is for example 10 weeks in length, before starting another prohormone cycle you should wait AT LEAST 10 weeks before starting another cycle.  However we recommend adding an additional 2 weeks to that figure, so in this case it would be a total of 12 weeks before starting another cycle.  It’s absolutely critical to not jump into another prohormone cycle too quickly, it can represent a wide variety of potential health risks.

How many prohormone cycles can I run per year?

For newer or moderately experienced users, two prohormone cycles per year should be the maximum.  For advanced users who have relatively extensive prohormone or designer steroid experience, three cycles per year should be the maximum.  In general artificially influenced gains are slightly harder to maintain than natural gains, prohormones should be used to supplement your gains, not be the sole source of them.

I’m getting drug tested, what should I do?

Your most common drug test (for Work/Rehab/etc) do *NOT* test for steroids or prohormones, testing for particular compounds in urine is very expensive and I’ve never heard of any company paying for them.  In order for companies to detect high or low testosterone/estrogen levels, a blood test would be required.  In general, the only drug testing you have to worry about is for bodybuilding or organized sports (especially at the upper levels i.e NCAA/Professional Sports).

Can women use prohormones?

No, and yes.  If you’re a professional woman’s bodybuilder and are aware of the risks associated with usage, then yes they are effective for women.  But keep in mind usage represents sharp rises in testosterone the primary male hormone and can result in ‘manly’ features such as hair growth, voice changes and a variety of other side effects.  Women also require different dosages and prohormone cycle regiments.

Will my libido drop on cycle?

It really depends on the prohormone and the user, it’s a fairly unique experience some users on some cycles report increased libido, others report no increase while others report decreased libido.  In general while on prohormone cycle be prepared for either a libido increase, decrease or no significant change at all.  If you’re worried about a possible decrease in libido, pickup some of NOW Sexual Virility Power and take 2-4 capsules per day which will help improve libido.

Who should avoid prohormones?

Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition, before starting any cycle make sure you get a check-up from your doctor to ensure you’ve got a clean bill of health.  Also if your family has a history of heart disease, liver disease and so on, you should consult with your doctor before starting any prohormone cycle.

How much will I gain on prohormone cycle?

This is an incredibly common question, unfortunately it’s also incredibly hard to answer because there are so many variables involved (age, experience, compound, diet, etc).  In general the better the diet, the more experience the lifter and the stronger the prohormone, the better the gains.  Gains on an oral based cycle can range anywhere from 1 Lbs to 20 Lbs of additional mass, keep in mind that some on cycle gains will be lost in PCT, though it can be minimal (1-2lbs lost) if PCT is executed properly and lifting remains intense throughout post cycle therapy.

How much water should I drink on cycle?

Water intake on cycle is important (it’s important even off cycle) keep your water intake high throughout your entire prohormone cycle, we recommend one to two gallons of water per day.

Can I take ECA while on prohormone cycle?

In general taking the popular Ephedrine and Caffeine (and in some cases Aspirin) cutting stack while on cycle isn’t recommended as the increased blood pressure from both the ephedrine/caffeine and prohormone may be too significant and create a significant health/life hazard. For those whom are very experienced and are running a mild compound such as 11-OXO you can run ECA in the beginning until the 11-OXO compound kicks into full gear and when it does kick into full gear, remove the ECA.

Source: Tuned Sports