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The ultimate guide to Methdrol – The most popular prohormone

What is Methdrol?

Methdrol (or Superdrol) is marketed as a prohormone (PH) in the post-ban era of pro-hormones. Following the ban of most prohormonal substances in the United States, including the likes of 1-test, 1-AD, 4-AD, M1T, etc, Designer Supplements designed this prohormone based on the steroid Masteron, with an additional methyl group attached to the 17th carbon position. It is described as a cross between anavar and masteron, with the virtual inability for aromatisation to estrogen. It is highly anabolic (400-800% more so than methyl-test) and a lot less androgenic (~20% of methyl-test). Methdrol has hence been given the name Methasteron.

Despite being marketed as a supplement available legally and deemed another prohormone or pro-steroid by many, there is nothing very ‘pro’ about Methdrol. In reality, Methdrol is a designer steroid, and that is what the reader must primarily understand. It is methylated, so will cause stress on the liver, and it is an anabolic/androgenic steroid, thus it has the potential to give side effects normally seen with such anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) use. It will shut your natural testosterone production down, and PCT (post-cycle therapy) is not only recommended, but frankly required.

It should also be noted that due to the steroidal nature of Methdrol, those under the age of 21 should not consider the use of Methdrol, which could be detrimental in a number of ways.

Cycling Methdrol

Methdrol is sold in 10mg capsules. For those who have not used Methdrol before, it may be a good idea to start off on 10mg as a single dose each day (ed) for at least the first few days/week. Those who have used Methdrol before, or those who are in the range of 200lbs+ or have more experience with other pro-hormones/AAS should most likely want to start with 20mg ed. Dosages should be split where possible, 10mg in the morning, 10mg 12hrs later.

Most users report that when running for longer than 3 weeks, the gains seem to cease in the 4th week. This has led to many people thinking that 3 week cycles of Methdrol are the best option in terms of gains and sides and this also is beneficial due to the harsh nature of Methdrol on lipid values (see Side Effects of Methdrol). A good cycle is 20mg ed for 3 weeks, with a 2-3 week PCT. Others have found success employing a 2 week on, 1 week off using a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM; e.g. Nolvadex) or Aromatase Inhibitor (AI; e.g. Rebound XT) during the week off.

PCT will involve either Nolvadex (Tamoxifen, the prescription only medicine) or Rebound XT or other 1,4,6-androstatriene-3,17-dione (ATD – the active component of Rebound XT) containing products, although Rebound XT has been used by most. Less potent AI’s such as 6-oxo are not really going to be sufficient and are not recommended. See an example cycle (below) for dosages.

Side effects of Methdrol

As with all AAS, Methdrol is not side effect free. However, when comparing to harsher compounds such as M1T, I would have to say Methdrol fairs well in the sides department. Due to virtually zero aromatisation to estrogen, water retention in theory will be low (and in practise is low), and bloating should not occur such as one would see with an AAS oral like dianabol.

As Methdrol is said to have diuretic properties, you may well experience a loss of water weight during the initial period of use. Also, I have yet to see a case of gynecomastia (gyno – development of breast tissue in males) induced by Methdrol usage. I would not rule this out, and always recommend to anyone who is doing a steroidal cycle of some sort to have Nolvadex on hand in case gyno occurs. Methdrol could perhaps induce gyno through the progesterone route however this is mere speculation, and it certainly is not worth adding an anti-estrogen on cycle.

Due to its low androgenic activity, one would expect androgenic sides to be low, and indeed, most users find little in the way of increased bodily hair, acne, hair loss (male pattern baldness – MPB), etc, however as Methdrol does have some androgenic activity, and if you are genetically prone to MPB you may well increase this process while on Methdrol.

The main side effects that seem to occur in many Methdrol users are:

  • Cramping/painful “pumps” (specifically lower back)
  • Lethargy – in extreme cases people have reported feeling like they had a hangover for the duration of the cycle.
  • Painful shin-splints, often making cardio very difficult
  • Substantial increases in LDL cholesterol levels and reduction of HDL levels
  • Methdrol is methylated so one must remember liver stress is a possibility
  • Possible loss in libido near end of cycle

Because of these sides (some being more serious than others) there are certain supplements that in my opinion, one should always employ whilst on a cycle of Methdrol.

Diet on Methdrol

Feedback would indicate that Methdrol is not a good steroid to use for cutting. Methdrol works best in a calorific surplus environment, and more specifically, in an environment where carbohydrates are high. For this reason, Methdrol makes more of a good ‘bulking’ steroid, however one can easily use Methdrol to put on mass whilst putting on little (if any) fat.

Obviously this requires manipulation of diet so that protein and carbs are high, with plenty of good Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), but making sure that your calories are clean (good, complex carbs). Glycogen storage is dramatically elevated while on Methdrol and as such, complex carbohydrate consumption should be high, to not only assist in gains, but to potentially reduce the onset of lethargy and the likelihood of hypoglycaemia. You want to ensure intakes that are above maintenance calories. However, Methdrol is not a shield against fat gain and as such it is advisable to consume calories at a level where you were gaining quality weight at a suitable rate before starting the cycle, as opposed to suddenly increasing them well beyond your current intake.

Coming back to the EFAs point – this is very important due to the fact that Methdrol will significantly affect your lipid values. This is not hypothesis, but rather reality as many testers have had blood work done prior to and after using Methdrol, and the vast majority have seen HDL going significantly low and LDL skyrocketing. One’s diet on Methdrol should make sure that it is full of EFAs, as the diet of a bodybuilder should always be anyway!

Supplements on Methdrol

Methdrol is methylated as mentioned, and being a 17?-alkylated compound, stress will be inevitably put on the liver. The most common method employed by users of methylated steroids would be supplementing with Milk Thistle, available from health stores, supplement stores and some bulk powder stores. The Milk Thistle that you purchase needs to be standardised to at least 80% silymarin (the active compound), and users should run 1000mg ed of milk thistle (giving 800mg silymarin). Other liver protection aids, such as N-Acetyl Carnitine (NAC), etc, may also be employed if the user so desires.

If cramping occurs, as it may likely do, 5g ed of Taurine as well as potassium (add bananas into diet) will definitely help. If you have not used Taurine before, start off on 3g ed (take it pre-workout if possible, about 30mins prior to exercise) and build up to 5g. Taurine is available at very low prices from online bulk powder suppliers.

The major issue with Methdrol usage as discussed is the ‘trashing’ of lipid levels. Thus I would never recommend a cycle of Methdrol without the user taking the precaution of supplementing with cholesterol regulating products. One very good product, which is comparable to prescription statins and other products for cholesterol problems, is Red Yeast Rice (RYR or cholestin). A minimum of 1200mg of RYR ed for the duration of the cycle including PCT should help to maintain healthy levels of LDL and HDL. NOW foods sell a good form of RYR, which includes CoQ10 and some Milk Thistle as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). One problem of supplementing with RYR is that it depletes the heart of CoQ10, so when using RYR one must also supplement with CoQ10. 60-100mg ed of CoQ10 should be sufficient whilst on RYR.

Due to loss of libido being a possible issue with some (but most users do not report this to any great depth), one may consider the use of Tribulus Terrestris as a supplement to include in one’s PCT.

Also, in view of the lethargy that Methdrol promotes, some users may wish to supplement with caffeine or other stimulants if they so wish.

Example of a Methdrol Cycle

3-5 days prior to cycle (supplement loading):

  • 1000mg Milk Thistle
  • 1200mg RYR
  • 60mg CoQ10
  • 3g Taurine

Week 1:

  • 20mg Methdrol, split doses
  • Supplement stack*

Week 2:

  • 20mg Methdrol, split doses
  • Supplement stack*

Week 3:

  • 20mg Methdrol, split doses
  • Supplement stack*

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)


Rebound XT/ATD PCT week 1:

  • 75mg Rebound XT (3 caps 1 in morning, 2 in evening taken with 10g of fat ideally)
  • Supplement Stack*

Rebound XT/ATD PCT week 2:

  • 50mg Rebound XT (1 cap in morning, 1 in evening, with 10g fat)

Rebound XT/ATD PCT week 3:

  • 25mg Rebound XT (1 cap in evening, with fat)


Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) PCT Day 1:

  • 60mg Tamoxifen (taken all at once when convenient)
  • Supplement stack*

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) PCT Days 2-11:

  • 40mg Tamoxifen (taken all at once when convenient)
  • Supplement stack* (up to days 5-7)

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) PCT Days 12-21:

  • 20mg Tamoxifen

Optional extra: Add Tribulus throughout PCT.

*Supplement stack:

  • 1000mg Milk Thistle
  • 1200mg RYR
  • 60mg CoQ10
  • 5g Taurine

Water intake should be high throughout the cycle.

Generally time on + PCT should equal time off, so one should ideally wait 6 weeks after PCT finishes before starting a new cycle of Methdrol . Methdrol can be stacked with other ‘pro-hormones,’ but I do not recommend stacking with those that are methylated as this will put too much unnecessary strain on the liver, even with Milk Thistle supplementation.

Lighter individuals (<170lbs) and those less adventurous may want to consider starting off on 10mg ed for the first 3-7 days to assess how they react to it, and maybe increasing to 20mg ed from the second week onwards. Those that don’t respond well after 2 weeks to 20mg ed may also wish to consider going up to 30mg ed, but sides can be a lot worse at this dosage in many.

People may also want to consider running it for 4 weeks, and although the above is an example cycle I would recommend, a 4-week cycle would be fine; however I would not recommend anything longer than 4 weeks, due to lipid issues and diminishing returns/gains ceasing. The reason I suggest 3 weeks is many people see very little in the way of gains in the fourth week, and it is often unnecessary to go to the fourth week bearing in mind the side effects associated with Methdrol (which can be cumulative).

While strength gains may appear alarmingly rapid, they do not come with a proportional increase in strength of connective tissue. As such, strict form and a level headed approach to training should be maintained, to reduce the likelihood of injury.


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