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The Secret to Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat , Quickly – It’s All in How You Stack It

You may already have a regular training cycle. You may do EVERYTHING right when it comes to your diet. You may have tried some bodybuilding supplements, some Creatine, some Nitric Oxide. Are you getting the results you’re looking for? Are you getting results quickly? No? Then maybe you’re ready to see your results skyrocket to levels you never dreamed possible. What if those lagging bodyparts burst into a whole new size and shape while your waistline shrunk with each passing week? If results like these are what you’re lusting after then you need to learn the science behind stacking bodybuilding supplements.

Stacking is really about understanding how the systems in your body work, what your own genetic limitations are and how to work around the limitations and use your knowledge to your benefit.

For example, you may already know just how essential Creatine is to your muscle. It provides the essential substrates of energy you demand when every last fiber of your body is engaged in total training warfare during that last squat or deadlift. But you may not know that your own genetics might be stop you from using every last bit of that fuel when you need it most. That’s right. BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION! – But I won’t tell you about it just yet.

Another example. You may already know about the benefits of increased Growth Hormone like increased muscle cell density (hyperplasia) and increased fat loss. But did you know the pro’s will never use it without running an anabolic like testosterone at the same time when they want to REALLY GAIN ANY MUSCLE and melt pounds of fat away at the same time? That’s right, having one without the other is like an engine running without all its cylinders.

For reasons like these and many more, that’s why your bodybuilding supplement program MUST focus on a precise combination of products that work together to enhance each other. Otherwise, you’ll never get the optimum results you want.

The Basics of Building a Stack


A strong anabolic agent is the cornerstone to any cycle. All of these are intended to impact Testosterone or Nor-Andro in some way or another. Some bodybuilders use steroids, some prohormones or legal steroids although there are fewer of those available after the Ban. Here you’re looking for supplements that encourage dramatic gains in muscle and strength. Some can produce the addition of POUNDS of muscle during a cycle as well as an increase in strength during heavy lifts. Some can even alter the rate at which your muscle can absorb or assimilate Creatine into its cells. Which is where stacking comes in. A strong anabolic should always be paired with Creatine. And even better, with a product that also increases Nitric Oxide through the use of Arginine.


Up until now, Creatine Monohydrate was about the best there was for feeding your muscles with the energy substrates they need to grow. Your muscles DEMAND Creatine after grueling workouts and for recuperation from long training sessions. Over 250 scientific studies prove Creatine’s impact on muscle growth and strength but many people just weren’t getting any results. The problem is, a lot of the Creatine you buy isn’t very bioavailable. Creatine monohydrate is SO unstable that when it’s combined with ANY liquid, it converts almost immediately to a toxin called Creatinine. And that causes diarrhea, bloat and other digestive problems. In fact, it’s often so poorly absorbed that you may get only 20% of the Creatine before the rest converts to a waste product. So look for a product with more bioavailable Creatine.

For even better results, find a Creatine product that also includes Nitric Oxide boosters. Nitric Oxide (NO) opens your blood vessels then speeds the livery of nutrients and muscle building agents like Creatine to give you extreme muscle growth, density and hardness. You can see how well that works with an anabolic. You put your body in high gear muscle building mode then enhance its ability to supply nutrients then furnish the nutrients. I’m sure you can see why this would make your hard work that much more effective.

Think of your anabolic compound as the match that will light the bomb that is your Creatine Nitric Oxide compound..

Human Growth Hormone Releaser – Step 3

The purpose of HGH releasers are many. Increasing your HGH leads to a myriad of remarkable physical effects like fat-loss and muscle cell multiplication (a process called hyperplasia) as well as tighter skin and thicker hair. Not everyone knows, however, that a HGH cycle is always used along with a strong anabolic like testosterone. You see, testosterone and other strong anabolics work their magic by increasing muscle cell size (a process called hypertrophy) as well as strengthening our nerves and rewiring our body for ultimate strength.

Remember, HGH increases result in hyperplasia, the creation of new muscle, while hypertrophy makes that newly created muscle cell larger and larger. So what’s the use of taking an anabolic without taking something an Human Growth Hormone releaser that consistently raises HGH levels to supraphysiological levels? As any advanced supplement user would tell you, it’s essential to take these two things together in order to get the most out of every precious moment in the gym.

Natural Testosterone Booster – Step 4

There comes a point in any cycle where your body begins to get smart to what you’re doing with these extra muscle building compounds – the prohormones, the steroids or the legal steroids. It begins to think- with all this additional testosterone and other hormones, that it no longer needs to produce these compounds. Your own endogenous levels (meaning ‘from within’) begin to go lower and lower which defeats your purpose of supplementation in the first place.. After all, you don’t want use of one powerful product to cause the loss of your own body’s ability to create those hormones itself. You want to turbocharge your muscle making machinery, not stunt it, right?

That’s where natural Testosterone boosters come in. With a precise blend of cutting edge ingredients, Natural Testosterone Boosters like Tribulus Terrestris ensure that your body will continue to work WITH you rather than against. A scientifically proven ratio of biopharmakinetic compounds can keep your own body’s testosterone levels in check. You’ll get the benefits of the other steps without the rebound effect of testosterone production shutdown that sometimes happens with the use of a prohormone or steroid.

Anti-Estrogen, Aromatase Inhibitor – Step 5

Whether you are in the middle of an anabolic cycle or whether you are just coming to the end of 8 weeks of focus and effort, you will undoubtedly need a product that can keep your estrogen levels in check. Here’s why. Did you know that estrogen is responsible for most of our fat storage? Excess levels of estrogen have been shown to increase fat storage at an unbelievable rate, especially in the presence of extra calories.

Normally, you consume larger amounts of calories during your cycle. You want to make sure each pound of food you eat goes directly to muscle. Too much Estrogen and you risk food turning into fat or even worse, Gynecomastia, or enlargement of the breast. An anti-estrogen keeps your Estrogen levels low during your cycle so that all your gains will be in hard and ripped muscle rather than soft and flabby adipose tissue (otherwise known as fat).


If you’ve ever run an anabolic cycle in the past then you know all too well it’s just as important what you do AFTER a cycle as it is what you do DURING a cycle. As soon as you stop taking a powerful anabolic, your body will need to recuperate. Estrogen levels could skyrocket and worse yet, testosterone levels could drop. With an anti-estrogen, aromatse inhibitor your body will begin to recover from your cycle the moment you end, blocking estrogen conversion and protecting your testosterone levels and natural production.

Do look for products that are specifically created to work together synergistically. All of ours are designed to complement each other so that their effect is magnified substantially when you use them together. It’s a way of getting more muscle “bang” for your buck. You’ll not only get the benefits that come naturally with stacking, you’ll get extreme results when you use bodybuilding supplements DESIGNED to work together.

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