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Testosterone and other hormone boosters

Testosterone boosters

Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone. It is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics (such as the growth of body hair, muscle mass, voice change, libido) from pre-natal stage until puberty. Following this, it supports functions relating to masculine phenotype and androgen (e.g. spermatogenesis, accessory sex glands). It is widely known that increased testosterone level improves performance in sports and it contributes to muscle building and regeneration. Men’s natural testosterone level decreases with aging, as a result of which – beside worsening athletic performance – various problems might come up (such as impotence and low libido). Natural testosterone boosters are usually plant extracts that can enhance the natural testosterone production of the body. Thus they improve athletic performance and help in problems that come with aging.testosterone booster

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is an annual, dicotyledonous plant in the Caltrop Family. It is known as a herb in folk medicine. In ancient traditional Chinese medicine, it was used for boosting libido and fertility. It was considered a natural aphrodisiac. It has positive effects on the cardiovascular system by reducing cholesterol level. Its beneficial effects can most probably be connected to fatty oils, saponins, and flavonoids which can be found in it. Nowadays, it is considered a performance enhancer, since it increases the body’s natural testosterone level without artificially stimulating hormone levels. It can be used effectively in case of potency problems or lack of sex drive which might come with aging; furthermore, it can even help build muscle.

RDA:- Manufacturers’ dosing recommendation: daily 750-1500mg

D-Asparatic Acid (DAA)

Asparatic acid is a non-essential amino acid which helps in the production of certain molecules that play a role in DNA synthesis. Generally, it is used for raising testosterone level naturally; however, its effect is questionable.

RDA:- Manufacturers’ dosing recommendation: daily3-4g

Other natural hormone boosters

HGH Enhancers

These are complex products whose aim is to boost the production of human growth hormones, which is usually achieved by the combination of different amino acids (arginine, lysine, ornithin) and by GABA and glycine content. Growth hormone is a 190 or 191-amino acid, single-chain polypeptide which has an effect primarily on bone development and secondarily on muscular development. Natural HGH enhancers may help in utilizing the positive effects of growth hormone in a way that they do not disturb the balance of the body.

Estrogen Blockers (Anti-estrogen Supplements)

The aim of estrogen blockers is to reduce the estrogen level of the body, or block the connection of estrogens with receptors. It is advisable to use the product if the proportion of estrogen and testosterone in a man changes and the effects of estrogen prevail. Estrogen blockers usually contain the mixture of plant extracts, but other chemical substances can also be used for the above mentioned purpose (see under prohormones).

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