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Lose Weight Faster With HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


The one of the latest buzzwords in fitness and weight loss circles is High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. This method of exercise has the potential to allow an exerciser to lose weight faster that any other form of "aerobic" exercise. Although interval training is not a new concept in the field of sports conditioning, it has recently become a popular exercise form for general conditioning and weight loss

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Easy Steps To Determine Exercise Intensity


If you are new to exercise and are looking to begin a new workout program, you may be wondering what intensity level is appropriate for your goals and your fitness level. Many people aren't sure what intensity levels are defined by and avoid exercises labeled as vigorous intensity due to the fear of injury or lack of ability. As a personal trainer and exercise physiologist, it is my job to help explain these terms and concepts in a more understandable way

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Top 7 Foods For Muscle Recovery


How our bodies respond to inflammation and soreness following strenuous activity like exercise or even working around the yard depends greatly on the foods that we eat. It makes sense that the quality of food in terms of nutrition can play a role in how we feel. If we eat foods that are high in saturated fat and loaded with sugar our bodies can respond negatively following exercise

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Top 7 Muscle Building Myths


Have you ever been confused about the advice you've been given for building muscle? Are you sick of hearing multiple answers for what you know is a simple question? Well, now you can put all of the bro science behind you and get ready to uncover the 7 biggest muscle building myths you thought were true.

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10 Easy Steps to Get Six Pack Abs and to Keep It


Six pack abs have been a constant craze among men and women for a long time now. People are under the impression that to have an impressive physique; you need to live your life in the gym. Living this hectic lifestyle of today, it is almost next to impossible to take time out to concentrate on those abs. However, there are simple methods that can help you get flat abs and get rid of that belly fat.

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Top 7 P90X Equipments – Best Devices to Maximize Your Results


You've made the decision to start P90X, but you are probably uncertain as to what type of equipment for P90X is needed. Some people may feel more comfortable performing the exercises with a set of resistance bands. P90X can be done with the bands, and if that is your choice, then you most likely won't need the rest of the equipment outlined below until you are ready to step it up.

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Types of Fitness Training


There are four basic types of exercise program, all designed to help you achieve different goals. Some athletes focus more on one type of exercise program than another depending on their area of expertise, but for many of us “fitness nuts” we like to follow an exercise program, which includes aspects from all in our training workouts.

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Importance Of The Pump In Bodybuilding


During an intense chest workout the muscle will eventually become starved for oxygen. The endocrine system will be triggered from the fight or flight mechanism. Unnecessary biological functions will be stopped to divert blood into the muscle. As the workout progresses more and more blood will be diverted into the muscle to feed the muscle oxygen because without it muscle contraction would halt to nothingness.

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Tricep Workouts For Mass


We know that the triceps make up a whopping 2/3 of your arm’s mass. How do you make your arms bigger? By making your triceps bigger! I personally only do three, maybe four exercises on arm day for triceps. Why so light? Because the triceps are getting their butt worked off assisting the chest on chest day and shoulders on shoulder day. So they get a lot of accessory work throughout the week even if you may not think they are. Following biceps on arm day, I usually like to use the following exercises.

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