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Elbow Pain From Biceps Curls? Here’s What to Do


Biceps curls are the classic bodybuilding exercise used to add mass to the biceps. Furthermore, they're used as assistance exercises by weight lifters and other strength athletes. If you spend any amount of time training for bodybuilding or athletics, odds are you'll do some biceps curls. The problem is that biceps curls done incorrectly can damage your elbow joint. This happens at the bottom of the movement, when the arm is extended, and it usually takes a long, long time to heal once the pain becomes noticeable.

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Bodybuilding Exercises – Five Overrated and Five Underrated Moves


When I was young and devouring the words of bodybuilding magazines, I kept reading about how terrific free-weight squats are for building leg size. It was as if doing this bodybuilding exercise would nearly guarantee bigger thighs and not doing it would doom my underpinnings to their then-current resemblance of chicken legs. This was (and is) touted as the Holy Grail of 'bodybuilding exercises.'

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How To Get Big Biceps Fast


Like 6 pack abs, biceps are one of those muscle groups that are much talked about and having big biceps is something every guy wants. To develop big biceps in the shortest time, make sure you train them the right way.

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