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10 Easy Steps to Get Six Pack Abs and to Keep It


Six pack abs have been a constant craze among men and women for a long time now. People are under the impression that to have an impressive physique; you need to live your life in the gym. Living this hectic lifestyle of today, it is almost next to impossible to take time out to concentrate on those abs. However, there are simple methods that can help you get flat abs and get rid of that belly fat.

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7 Myths and Truths About Six Pack Abs


Getting six pack abs is not a difficult task if you are ready to follow a balanced healthy diet, adopt certain lifestyle changes, and dedicate some of your time to do certain types of workouts, such as abdominal exercises, weight lifting, and aerobic workouts. However, there are certain myths and misconceptions about getting six packs and it is important to realize and understand the truths behind these myths before starting six packs workout programs.

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The Top 5 Most Effective Plank Exercise Positions


Ranked as one of the top exercises that target the core, particularly the oblique abdominal muscles, the plank exercise rises above the rest in simplicity, efficiency and practicality. Planks are mentioned in almost every top 10 article discussing core muscle workouts. It does not require equipment or any other special contraptions to perform

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Intense And One Of The Best Abs Workout

Abs workout

What I have outlined below is a very intense abdominal workout. You are encouraged to follow this but remember without a strict diet the training will not mean much. When training your midsection, I feel that you should either start with lower abdominal exercises where the legs come towards the chest (leg raises, knee-ins), and then finish with upper abdominal exercises where the chest comes towards the hips and oblique muscles (sit ups, crunches, machines, side crunches).

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