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Rich Sources of Vitamin D


Vitamins perform an important role in human metabolic processes including bone structure, support immune activities, manage cell growth and calcium absorption, especially influence strongly on losing weight. This informative article will present you further details about vitamins D, among powerful vitamins for weight loss.

Overload and insufficiency in Vitamin D

According American Institute of Medicine the daily value to obtain a healthy person is 600 IU. If you are in workout session in order to lose fat, this value can be bigger, but when this valuation is greater than 10000 IU/day, it will become the toxicity for the body. Be careful!

A shortage in vitamin D allows many issues in bone including osteomalcia occurring in adults and rickets- a softening of bone in youngsters. Most of them are not good for muscle tissues and bones. Moreover, the absent of vitamin D also lead to cancer risk and decrease immune systems. But nevertheless, once you use a large amount of these vitamins in weight loss, the amount of calcium supplement taken in will become higher than standard; the situation allow kidney stone as well as heart attack.

Moving to next point, Let me present the shortlist of foods- high vitamins D for reducing weight.

Egg yolk

Egg yolk can be a abundant source supplying vitamin D – a truly necessary vitamins for weight loss. Founded on some studies, an egg yolk contains 40 IU vitamins D. However, in egg yolk also involves about 200 mg cholesterol which is risky for heart. As mentioned by American Heart Association, you should not take over 300 mg cholesterol a day, so the easy way consume these vitamins for weight loss basically are ingesting 1 egg once for 2-3 days.


Fish are also a supplier containing high Vitamins D for weight reduction, especially salmon, tuna, codfish and eel. There are about 450IU of Vitamins D in 90 grams of salmon fish. American Institute of Medicine suggested that 600 IU Vitamins D per days is sufficient for an adult consumer. The level of these vitamins for weight loss could be more than 600 IU. Besides Vitamins D, fish also supply fatty acid- omega 3 which is certainly necessary for your heart.


Most likely to human body, mushrooms can synthesize Vitamins D by absorption of ultraviolet ray from sunlight. Therefore mushrooms, especially  allow for a large number of Vitamins D for losing weight. In 100 gram , you will find 27 IU Vitamin D offering 7% daily value. However, you have to pick natural mushrooms which have been dried in the sun, not from manufactured techniques to get the best quality of Vitamins D content in mushrooms.

Cod liver oil

1300 IU of the vitamins D content is the number that cod liver oil provides from a tablespoon of the oil. This number is double rather than the daily value, but it is still in safety range for body (Maximum 10000 IU/day). Similarly, cod liver fish oil also offer fatty acid omega 3 which prevent human body from heart diseases; and hold a significant role in mental capabilities. Lastly, it’s essential for attaching cod liver fish oil inside your daily diet since only 1 tablespoon of oil per day, you are able to improve your fat loss way to more effectively and better. However, this supplier including rich source D vitamins using in fat burning¬† have a little extreme flavor. Not yummy like tuna or fresh mushrooms!

Besides some products discussed previously, you’ll also find many origins presenting vitamins D for weight loss for instance, milk (127 IU/per cup), oysters (320 IU/100 gram), orange juice (100 IU/glass) and cereals (342 IU/100gram). Furthermore, your body system can absorb vitamin D via sun light. Just 10-15 minutes treat with sunlight, your body’s cells synthesizes vitamins D enough for consuming on that day. However remember that keep away from staying out for a long period under strong light from the sun that lead to skin melanoma.