Iron Legion are a brand who have taken the market by storm with their lineup of incredibly effective supplements. To date, they have concentrated on prohormones but in XI-KT, Iron Legion have produced an anabolic agent which is based around 11-ketotestosterone. 11-Ketotestosterone is as the name suggests somewhat similar to the hormone testosterone but is a naturally occurring compound which is the primary androgen in fish, as such it is broadly distributed throughout the animal kingdom and the food supply. For instance while it has potent anabolic activity it does not convert to estrogen. Additionally, 11-Ketotestosterone helps to lower cortisol in the body which is associated with high levels of fat especially around the stomach area. For a supplement to increase fat loss, build muscle and boost strength is rare but XI-KT is one product which delivers exactly that with ease.

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Conventional wisdom dictates that attempting to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time is, if not impossible, then at least very hard. It just got a whole lot easier. Iron Legion introduces XI-KT, a powerful topical product that will induce rapid and dramatic improvements in body composition and strength. Iron Legion XI-KT utilizes the same advanced topical matrix as Trenazone, Dienazone, and Salvo. The active ingredient in XI-KT is 11-ketotestosterone. 11-ketotestosterone works on two different fronts simultaneously to blitz troublesome fat reserves and put your body into anabolic overdrive. 11-ketotestosterone is a naturally-occurring strongly anabolic compound. It is found in trace amounts in humans (it’s a metabolite of adrenal hormones) and is the primary androgen in fish (so it’s present in the food supply). 11-ketotestosterone is active without conversion, is incapable of aromatization, and activates the androgen receptor as strongly as testosterone. 11-ketotestosterone is also a strong and selective inhibitor of the reductase activity of 11β-HSD1,  meaning that it reduces cortisol levels in fat tissue and in the liver. High levels of cortisol in those tissues are associated with a number of symptoms of ‘metabolic syndrome’, like increased hepatic glucose production, adipocyte differentiation, central obesity, and insulin resistance. XI-KT is ideal to aid in the cutting process, for help with fat loss while retaining strength and muscle. XI-KT is also ideally suited as a “recomp” agent, for simultaneous fat loss and muscle and strength gain.

African catfish

Male fish produce 11-ketotestosterone as a potent androgen in addition to testosterone. Previous experiments with juvenile African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) showed that 11-ketotestosterone, but not testosterone, stimulated spermatogenesis, whereas testosterone, but not 11-ketotestosterone, accelerated pituitary gonadotroph development. Here, we investigated the effects of combined treatment with these two types of androgens on pituitary gonadotroph and testis development. Immature fish were implanted for 2 wk with silastic pellets containing 11-ketotestosterone, testosterone, 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone, or estradiol-17beta; cotreatment groups received 11-ketotestosterone in combination with one of the other steroids. Testicular weight and pituitary LH content were higher (two- and fivefold, respectively) in the end control than in the start control group, reflecting the beginning of normal pubertal development. Treatment with testosterone or estradiol-17beta further increased the pituitary LH content four- to sixfold above the end control levels. This stimulatory effect on the pituitary LH content was not modulated by cotreatment with 11-ketotestosterone. However, the stimulatory effect of 11-ketotestosterone on testis growth and spermatogenesis was abolished by cotreatment with testosterone, but not by cotreatment with estradiol-17beta or 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone. Also, normal pubertal testis development was inhibited by prolonged (4 wk) treatment with testosterone. The inhibitory effect of testosterone may involve feedback effects on pituitary FSH and/or on FSH receptors in the testis. It appears that the balanced production of two types of androgens, and the control of their biological activities, are critical to the regulation of pubertal development in male African catfish.


Active ingredients 17ß-Hydroxy-4- androst-ene-3,11-dione
Names 11 Ketotestosterone
Amount 30 ml
Brand Iron Legion Supplemets
Methylated No
Sport Bodybuilding
Goal Cutting, lean muscle building
Legal status UK Legal
Legal status USA Legal
PCT required Yes
Side effects Mild