Modular Series Ultra-Stano is a bodybuilding supplement that contains cyclodextrin-complexed epiandrosterone. Epiandrosterone is a biological precursor, or “prohormone”, to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Since the bioavailability of epiandrosterone is low, it has been included here complexed with cyclodextrins. Each cap contains 500mg of epiandrosterone/cyclodextrin complex, 150mg of which is epiandrosterone; the rest is cyclodextrins.

  • Incredible for enhacing strength
  • Innovation personified – no other prohormone is like this
  • Big increases in libido
  • Increased focus and energy
  • Cyclodextrin based product for improved absorption and rapid onset
  • Can be stacked with any prohormone

Prohormones Database Description


Stanodrol which is known as 3-beta-hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one, is a non methylated prohormone designed to get muscles/body competition ready. Stanodrol accomplishes this by providing the user with extreme dry muscle gains, water shedding and cutting. People sometimes refer to stanodrol as stano-200, stano-shred or simply stano. Stanodrol is a naturally occurring testosterone metabolite DHT. Stano has a 2 step conversion process and is very androgenic. As a result it provides hard and dense muscle gains and strength. It also provides a relatively positive libido and not much in the aggression area. Although Stanodrol in non methylated it still requires an on cycle support due to the stress caused by the compound to the liver. Stanodrol is an excellent stacker. This due to the fact that it is non methylated and that it is a water shedding cutter.  Many people take this compound with Halodrol, epistane or methylstenbelone. 

Active ingredients 3b-hydroxy- etioallocholan-17-one 150 mg
Names Stanodrol, Epiandrosterone
Amount 90 caps
Brand Antaeus Labs
Methylated No
Sport Bodybuilding
Goal Strength enhacing
Legal status UK Legal
Legal status USA Legal
PCT required Yes
Side effects Mild