TB CARNAGE (Trendione)

TB CARNAGE converts to actual trenbolone and offers many of the same benefits – explosive strength gains, increased vascularity, moderate weight gain and reduced body fat.

Prohormones Database Description

TB Carnage is perfect for people wanting to boost strength significantly, whilst gaining lean dry weight. TB Carnage gives a fuller, harder and more vascular look. A designer pro hormone for serious mature athletes only.

TB Carnage is a pro hormone so devastatingly powerful it will surprise even the most experienced of PH users! This incredibly strong androgenic PH possesses the freakish ability to increase dry lean muscle mass and ridiculous gains in strength in a matter of weeks!

TB Carnage is a highly effective tren precursor…In fact the active compound in this amazing pro hormone is just 2 molecules away from tren making it a popular choice for those seeking massive gains in strength and after some extra lean dry muscle mass also. At 20mg per capsule users of

TB Carnage should take 2-3 capsules per day on separate occasions ideally with food (preferably relatively high in fats). After a few days you will notice increases in strength, an elevated mood and a more enthusiastic approach to training. From here onwards the results will simply speak for themselves, however expect results such as:

The key benefits to using TB Carnage are…

  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Reduced bodyfat percentage
  • Improvements In vascularity
  • Serious strength gains

This impressive PH is enriched further thanks to its unique properties which prevent it from converting to estrogen or dht, thus reducing the overall risk of side effects. In addition to this tb carnage is a non-methylated ph meaning it is not liver toxic although like any PH we always recommend a good pct should be used. Considering this PH delivers fast and certainly noticeable gains in strength and aesthetic improvements in your physique, it is almost incomprehensible to imagine such a powerful supplement exists with such a low risk of side effects. This makes extreme labs TB Carnage a great choice!

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule Serving Per Container: 90 Amount Per Serving: Estra-4,9,11-Triene-3,17 Dione 20mg Recommended Use Take 1-3 Capsules spread evenly throughout the day preferably with food.

Active ingredients Estra-4,9,11-Triene-3,17 Dione 20mg
Names Trenavar, Tren, Trendione
Amount 90 caps
Brand Extreme Labs
Methylated No
Sport Bodybuilding
Goal Lean muscle building, cutting
Legal status UK Legal
Legal status USA Banned
PCT required Yes
Side effects Mild