This is the purest, strongest, most potent, bulking prohormone available on the prohormone market today!Stenadrol combines two powerful forces known as dimethandrostenol and methylstenbolone and forges them to create the most effective dosed bulking prohormone EVER! Stenadrol by Olympus Labs.

If you are looking for extreme size, muscle, and strength gains – look no further, as Olympus Labs is proud to present STENADROL. It is specifically engineered as a catalyst, increasing muscle size and strength to that of a demigod.
It features 120 capsules, each capsule containing 5mg of Methylstenbolone and 4mg of Dimethandrostenol; an unheard feat in the prohormone world.

Prohormones Database Description


Methylstenbolone and Dimethandrostenol are two action packed bulking prohormones engineered to sculpt your body to the level of a demigod’s. It’s the ultimate bulking prohormone combination. It’s made in the USA, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, and pharmaceutical grade. We, at Olympus Labs, have gone not only the extra mile to bring you the finest grade raw product but have formulated it in a manner insuring quality and effectiveness – fit for Hercules, a paragon of masculinity among gods, to give you the same extraordinary strength, ingenuity, and simple dominant physical prowess that will make your inner beast embody your once simpleton self. Methylstenbolone and Dimethandrostenol are new and potent compounds, we have captured their essence to create a product that not only surpasses plateaus but also crushes them.


Dimethandrostenol (2,17α-dimethyl-17β-hydroxy-5α-androst-2-ene) was brought to the market by Iron Legion Supplements in 2013 in their product Mithras.  Dimethandrostenol is part of the 2-methyl group which includes some of the most popular prohormones ever including Superdrol, Pheraplex, Methylstenbolone, and Methyl-1-Testosterone aka M1T. All of these compounds have been considered to be the cream of the crop when it comes to bulking prohormones. In regards to its structure, it is considered to be a cross between Superdrol and Pheraplex.


Methylstenbolone is a very new and potent prohormone recently brought to the market by Antaeus labs. Several products in the past have claimed to use this compound, however independent lab testing has revealed they only contained superdrol. Methylstenbolone does not convert to an estrogenic metabolite or have any affinity for the progesterone receptor, so estrogen mediated side effects should be virtually non-existent. Methylstenbolone is also one of the most toxic substances available due to its ability to resist metabolization, although anecdotal reports lead us to believe it carries less side effects than superdrol.

Active ingredients 2,17a-dimethyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androst-2-ene 4 mg, 2,17a-Dimethyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-en-3-one 5mg
Names Dimethandrostenol, Methylstenbolone
Amount 120 caps
Brand Olympus labs
Methylated Yes
Sport Bodybuilding
Goal Bulking
Legal status UK Legal
Legal status USA Banned
PCT required Yes
Side effects Mild