Ultra Test

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Potent testosterone booster and estrogen inhibitor
Goal: Build Muscle

-Testosterone booster and aromatase inhibitor
-Supports a healthy male libido
-Faster recovery and faster muscle gain with clinical dosing
-Can be used standalone or in conjunction with other natural muscle builders
-Ideal during PCT after a prohormone cycle to accelerate recovery of tesosterone

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Antaeus Labs, Ultra Test. Does what it says on the tin! Well, the formula certainly says so.

Geranylgeranoiol (GGOH)

This is a terpene that is vital to life and been shown to inhibit inflammation. GGOH regulate steroidogenesis pathways that produces testosterone via activating adenylate cyclase via cAMP/PKA signalling, without altering phosphodiesterase activity (Phosphodiesterase INHIBITS cAMP). Bascally, GGOH accerlerates the conversion of progesterone to testosterone via 4-androstenedione, and the phytol component of Ultra Test is a aromatase inhibitor so it stops testosterone converting to estrogen.

Eurycoma longfolia (tongkat ali)

Aqueous Eurycoma longolia enhances the activity of the CYP17A1 ezyme that accelerates the metabolism of pregenolone and progesterone into DHEA and androstenedione. This compound works alongside the geranylgeraniol-induced rise in progresterone, to convert it into more testosterone! A powerful oral supplement to enhance testosterone.


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