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Recomposition and hardening agent
Goal: Build Muscle

-Enhanced muscle definition
-Non-methylated prohormone
-Stack of two natural prohormones
-Promotes fat loss and aids in retaining muscle during cutting phases
-Unique Tetrasorb Delivery for overall enhanced absorption

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Olympus Labs Sup3r 3-AD is yet another supplement which delivers on two things Olympus are famous for, the first being an introduction of a novel prohormone ingredient and secondly, it is of course the type of hardcore supplement that has led Olympus Labs to become one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the world.

Undiscovered Prohormone

Sup3r 3-AD is the first time we have seen the prohormone Dehydroandrosterol in a supplement before, included here alongside Androsterone. Olympus have highlighted the fact that Dehydroandrosterol is both 3 times as androgenic as androsterone as well as exhibiting 80% of the androgenicity of methyltestosterone.

Ideal for Muscle Density/Cutting

What this makes Sup3r 3-AD is a prohormone ideally designed for individuals whose primary goal is lean body mass maintenance while increasing strength and definition. This could include dieting bodybuilders as well as those individuals wanting to be as strong as they can be for a given weight. On the other hand, if your primary focus is going to be rapid muscle gains, Sup3r 3-AD may not be the best candidate although it could well play an important role if used alongside a traditional mass building prohormone such as Nanodrol.

Alternatives/Stacking Ideas

Sup3r 3-AD makes sense for a US supplement brand like Olympus Labs who have had to tailor their use of prohormone ingredients to rapidly changing US laws. We tend to think that Fusion Nano 1T would deliver superior benefits though while also increasing muscle mass more but on the other hand Sup3r 3-AD is likely to be a good option for those who are seeking something a little milder.

60 caps

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