S4 elite

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Extremely potent anabolic S.A.R.M
Goal: Build Muscle

-Extremely strong S.A.R.M
-Increased muscle strength
-Enhanced muscle density
-Improved body composition
-No estrogen conversion
-No water retention or bloating

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S4 Elite is features on of the strongest of all S.A.R.M.S, Andarine. As with all S.A.R.M.S, S4 Elite works by preferentially acting via the androgen receptors in an anabolic manner comparable to prohormones but without the androgenic side effects which make some stay away from prohormones.

Compared to Winstrol

Users of this S.A.R.M have compared its effects to the legendary steroid Winstrol, meaning they experience lean mass gains without concomittant water retention or bloating.

S4 Elite does not aromatise meaning there is no conversion to estrogen so there is also nothing to worry about in terms of estrogenic side effects. Research indicates that S4 exhibits 1/3 the anabolic potency of testosterone and given the power of testosterone based anabolics, this makes S4 a stunningly powerful S.A.R.M.

As with any S.A.R.M be sure to run this with a thorough PCT protocol. Be aware that sometimes users of S4 Elite report a yellow tinge to their eyes but this is a temporary effect that goes away once use is discontinued.


25mg/cap of S4 Andarine

90 caps

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