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-Acts really fast
-Extreme muscle gains
-Increases overall strength levels
-Ideal for bulking
-Boosts nitrogen retention and protein synthesis
-Helps boost size and mass gains

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Fusion Supplements Methdrol is a clone of the strongest prohormone ever, Superdrol. The active compound in Methdrol is methasterone (17β-Hydroxy-2α,17α-dimethyl-5α-androstane-3-one) – also known as methyldrostanolone and methasteron – which rose to superstar status during its run for the speedy results it can deliver when cycled, especially in terms of very hard and dry gains just after a couple of weeks of usage. Reports of achieving upwards of 20 to 30 pounds of muscle mass were not uncommon from users after cycling with Methdrol in the span of 4 weeks. Its half-life is timed at 6 to 8 hours.

Besides the considerable boost in size and mass, this dihydrotestosterone or DHT-derived prohormone has also been seen to have the ability to take strength levels up a notch. Based on user logs, they were able to increase their overall lifts by as much as 20 to 25 percent in just the second week of their cycle with this compound.

At its simplest, Methdrol’s power and intensity comes from its being similar with Masteron, a different type of anabolic steroid, but without the ester chain that the latter flaunts in its chemical structure. It works by optimizing the body’s ability to retain nitrogen and its synthesis of protein, which result to not just gains in size, mass, strength and endurance, but also the speed muscles recover after going through a grueling workout.

Plus, its androgenic activity in the body was much lower compared to its prohormone counterparts. This means that Methdrol doesn’t put you at risk of experiencing increased hair loss or hair growth as well as bouts of acne when you use it compared to other anabolic steroids. It isn’t necessary to use an anti-estrogen when cycling with this compound as well.

Methdrol 90 Caps
Serving Size: 1 Cap
Servings per container: 90
Amount Per Serving
2a,17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol   10mg



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