M1, 4ADD

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The prohormone to DBOL!
Goal: Build Muscle

-Perfect mass builder for those needing gains quick
-Anabolic in its own right, M1,4ADD converts to dianabol in the body!
-Huge mass and strength gains
-Supports alpha male characteristics like sex drive
-Can be used for short cycles of under 4 weeks
-Reintroduced and exclusive to Fusion Supplements

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Fusion Supplements have frequently looked to the past with an eye on reintroducing highly popular products which despite once enjoying huge popularity in the United States, were no longer permissible to be sold in that country. Now, with their reintroduction of the prohormone M1,4ADD to the market, they have arguaby brought back the most exciting prohormone of all from the early 2000’s.

A True Prohormone to Dianabol

Yes, this is not hype. M1,4ADD is the prohormone to the famous anabolic Dianabol, considered by most bodybuilders to be the very best mass builder of all. M1,4ADD has a conversion rate of approximately 20% to Dianabol and this can guide users seeking to work out how much they should take for a comparable amount of Dbol. For example, Dianabol is typically dosed at around 20-30mg a day so with 4 capsules of M1,4ADD containing a total of 120mg, this would net you the equivalent of 24mg Dianabol!

What to Expect

Quite simply, mass and strength gains that kick in quickly and which are further aided by an increase in appetite that, if you use it to boost your protein intake by 100%, will lead to the type of muscle mass gains that are shocking. We have seen users gain over 10kg from a single cycle of M1,4ADD. Even after a PCT, this can result in a solid 6-7kg of actual muscle gain (with the loss of some of the water retention accounting for the majority of the loss of the gains made on cycle).

M1,4ADD Characteristics

M1,4ADD is ideal for someone happy to take a wet compound, that is to say, one that converts to some degree to estrogen,. Despite estrogen’s bad reputation among some bodybuilders, it plays a crucial role in both supporting increases in muscle mass and strength as well as supporting mood, joint integrity and libido. This is readily seen if you compare the weight gain from a dry compound that does not aromatise to the gains achievable from M1,4ADD, not to mention the fact that a cycle that is completely devoid of estrogen lends itself to the user feeling more fatigued and causes a lower libido.

M1,4ADD is methylated so we highly recommend using TUDCA Elite with it and to keep an estrogen blocker to hand in case estrogenic sides manifest themselves or if you simply want to use M1,4ADD but without the estrogenic effects it imparts.

Stacking Options

Being methylated rules out any other methylated prohormone to stack with this. Instead, good options would be Nano 1T or Trenadrol if seeking a slightly leaner, denser physique or else Decalone for someone seeking something that is both highly anabolic but minimally androgenic compared to M1,4ADD. Finally, those seeking outright gains in mass, strength as well as libido should consider stacking M1,4ADD with Androtest, the prohormone to testosterone to create your very own dbol/test stack. In this latter case we would highly recommend keeping an estrogen blocker to hand though.

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