Lingandrol Max

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Selective androgen receptor modulator
Goal: Build Muscle

-Improves recovery rate
-Enhanced ability to train with high volumes
-Enhanced vascularity and endurance
-Increased muscle mass
-Rapid gains in strength

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Focused Nutrition Elite LGD 4033 is part of a family of compounds called S.A.R.M.S which were designed to be a safer alternative to anabolid steroids.

The active ingredient in this is simply LGD-4033 and has been the subject of much clinical research with results indicating it is a perfect candidate for anyone seeking gains in strength, muscle mass, and faster recovery. It works by selectively targeting androgen receptors on muscle tissue which leads to increased muscle protein synthesis. In this respect its actions are not dissimilar to those of prohormones but where LGD-4033 stands out is that it does not target androgen receptors in other areas of the body such as prostate, hairline or skin which means the potential for side effects such as BPH, hair loss or back acne is much reduced.

Elite LGD 4033 is an advanced supplement and we do not recommend it for everybody but if you have a solid base already it is a way to rapidly improve your results faster than anything else short of a prohormone. As with all S.A.R.M.S, users should understand proper PCT so that they can get the best results from it.


90 caps

LGD-4033 10mg

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