Ibutamoren Max

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Growth Hormone Elevator
Goal: Build Muscle

-Enhances GH and IGF-1 in clinical studies by over 60%
-Faster recovery
-Enhanced muscle cell volumization
-Enhanced regeneration of soft tissue and joints
-Increased vascularity and oxygenation of muscles during training
-Improved sense of wellbeing
-Contains MK-677

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Fusion Supplements’ latest supplement Ibutamoren Max is a hardcore user’s dream due to its ability to positively impact on a number of variables that will enhance body composition and recovery.

Growth Hormone and IGF-1 Increases

Ibutamoren Max is a compound which works in the body by increasing growth hormone levels significantly. With the rise in GH comes an increase in the downstream conversion of GH to IGF-1 as well. Both of these peptide hormones are associated with similar characteristics including enhanced fat loss, faster recovery, and an improvement in joint function and wellbeing. Not for nothing is GH often referred to as the elixir of youth as even skin condition is improved.

Clinical research has been conducted quite extensively on Ibutamoren and shown that GH and IGF-1 levels can be increased by 60% in a matter of weeks and that ongoing supplementation leads to an even higher increase in their levels of 72%.

With it being non-hormonal, Ibutamoren Max is a perfect choice of supplement for anyone seeking improvements in performance, wellbeing and recovery without the associated risks seen with anabolics.

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