Fusion Meth

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Super-drol clone with rapid action
Goal: Build Muscle

-Massive strength gains
-Immense lean muscle gains – up to 10lb in four weeks
-Reduce body fat
-Hugely powerful prohormone
-Based on the original Super-drol

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Fusion Supplements Meth is one of our favourite and most popular prohormones. Fusion Meth is a clone of perhaps the most famous prohormone ever, Super-drol. It has all the same benefits of Super-drol such as potent composition gains (simultaneous muscle gains and fat loss), does not convert to estrogen and works even for very short cycles of 3-4 weeks.

Highly Anabolic Methylated Prohormone

Super-drol won a a reputation as the prohormone of choice for those seeking lean muscle mass gains and greater muscle density and effects can typically be seen in as little as a week. Fusion Meth contains the active ingredient methasterone and we covered it in some detail in our prohormone guide. As is noted there Fusion Meth is not an appropriate choice of prohormone for a beginner and certainly not to be used for long cycles or in conjunction with other methylated prohormones.

No Estrogen or DHT Conversion

While it does not convert to estrogen, it does not mean Fusion Meth is free of side effects and being notably androgenic, we would advise users to take no more than 3 capsule a day while being methylated necessitates the use of a liver protecting supplement such as TUDCA Elite as a bare minimum.

As is noted in our prohormone articles it would be prudent for Fusion Meth users to obtain some Inhibit-P or Arimacare Pro to ward off the possibility of progesterone related side effects because while there is no evidence to show methasterone converts to estrogen, there are some rarely documented reports of gynecomastia which is liable to be attributable to progesterone.

Stacking Options

Being methylated, the only prohormones to consider with Fusion Meth would be the likes of Nano 1T which would accentuate the strength and lean mass characteristics of Fusion Meth, or something like Decalone or Androtest which again are non-methylated and convert to nandrolone or testosterone respectively.

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