Elite RAD 140

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More anabolic than testosterone on mg for mg basis
Goal: Build Muscle

-Extremely high anabolic to androgenic ratio
-No water retention
-Can be stacked with other S.A.R.M.S or prohormones
-Minimal androgenic effects
-No estrogen conversion
-Rapid improvements in muscle and strength

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Focused RAD-140 features what many consider to be the strongest non-steroidal compound in any muscle building supplement.

With 90:1 ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects it makes RAD-140 exceptionally well suited for enhancing body composition both by increasing muscle mass and lowering fat while also avoiding androgenic sides such as hair loss and acne. RAD-140 is classed as a S.A.R.M, a class of compounds developed to increase muscle tissue without the side effects seen with anabolic steroids and has rapidly won favour among users for its extremely potent physiologicial effects.

Users of RAD-140 report much improved recovery times, a rapid enhancement of muscle mass, faster strength gains and improved endurance.


90 caps

7mg RAD per capsule.

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