Elite GW

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Enhanced endurance and fat loss
Goal: Build Muscle

-Enhanced fatty acid oxidation
-Incredible endurance improvements
-Rapid results
-Improved glucose tolerance
-Reduced fat gain when bulking

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Focused Nutrition Elite GW contains the ingredient better known as Cardarine, a type of compound often mistaken as a S.A.R.M but which is actually classed as a PPAR-delta modifier.

Elite GW’s active ingredient is called GW-501516 and has been the subject of extensive research which supports the empirical feedback of users that this is one of the most potent supplements around, capable of improving fat loss and endurance to a degree that is not comparable to anything else you can find.

GW-501516, also known as cardarine or GW, is a PPAR-delta(δ) modulator.  Its primary benefit is to induce fat loss.  It has been shown that agonism of PPAR-(δ) shifts the body’s metabolism to favor burning lipids (fat) for energy instead of glucose (carbohydrates).  This mechanism of action is achieved by increased glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue and increased muscle gene expression.  This result is commonly referred to as ‘carb sparing’ where you can decrease your carbohydrate intake while maintaining energy levels.

Results with Elite GW are noticeable within the first week and you can expect very impressive results in terms of not just fat loss and endurance but also much improved recovery.


90 caps

GW-501516 10mg

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