Delta 2

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Perfect prohormone for stacking!
Goal: Build Muscle

-Naturally occurring pheromone
-Dry gains with minimal risk of side effects
-Perfect choice for stacking as a non-methylated compound
-Great choice for cutting cycles
-Great to stack with Androtest for optimal dry and lean muscle gains

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2-androstenone is a naturally occurring pheromone produced by elephants (Reproduction. 2001 Mar;121(3):475-84) that has also been identified in human sweat (J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 1997 Sep-Oct;63(1-3):81-9)

In addition to being a purported pheromone, 2-androstenone is a prohormone to the androgenic hormone 2-androstenol (anabolic 150 : androgenic 50 versus testosterone).

Trials on male subjects have revealed that dosages of 150-300 mg a day are effective, with particularly profound results being seen at 450-600 mg a day.

This product produces relatively dry gains and shows a remarkable lack of side effects. Daily amounts should be split into two doses, both taken with meals. It is suggested that this product be taken for cycles of 3-6 weeks, followed by standard PCT.

 90 caps

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