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Best anabolic to androgenic ratio of any PH
Goal: Build Muscle

-Non-methlyated prohormone for strength and size gains
-Highest anabolic to androgenic ratio of any prohormone
-Converts directly into nandrolone via ONE not two steps
-Cyclodextrin formula delivers 20-fold increase in bioavailability
-Zero hepatoxicity
-Zero conversion to DHT or estrogen

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Prohormone to Nandrolone

Decalone when first introduced in the USA rapidly became one of the best selling prohormones around competing with 4-Androstenediol products like Fusion Supplements Androtest for the mantle of most popular prohormone. The only reason you may not be aware of 19-Nor is because the FDA rescinded its ability to be sold in the US marketplace several years ago. This led companies to develop alternative but make no mistake, NOTHING ever was developed providing the unique results associated with Decalone. Indeed, this is to be expected given its parent hormone, Nandrolone, occupies a similarly esteemed position within the cycles of users of anabolic steroids.

Most Anabolic Prohormone

The benefits of 19-norandrostenediol for the user are that it is minimally androgenic and does not convert to DHT or estrogen. As a consequence, it occupies a relatively unique position in the prohormone spectrum as compared to other mass builders, it is not such a risk in terms of either androgenic side effects such as hair loss or estrogenic side effects. Moreover, Decalone, thanks to conversion to nandrolone has one of the highest anabolic to androgenic ratios and is quite possibly the most anabolic of all prohormones. What this means is that the degree of muscle mass gained for a given level of androgenicity is higher with Decalone than any other prohormone out there, and is possibly the most anabolic prohormone ever.

Some of the most prevalent effects emphasised in this product include increased appetite, increased vascularity, improved joint repair, improved mood, muc increased muscle protein synthesis, faster recovery and more strength. By drastically increasing net muscle synthesis, first time users of Decalone can expect significant mass gains while more advanced users seeking to further increase their physical potential can consider Decalone an ideal option for stacking with other prohormones thanks to its virtuous combination of low androgenic sides and zero hepatoxicity.

Nandrolone is a preferred treatment in clinical settings, when maximising muscle tissue anabolism is desired without the type of side effects seen with more androgenic compounds. Potential users should be aware that just because Decalone is considered a very safe choice for users, it still does require a prospetive user to understand the need for throughout on-cycle and post-cycle support treatment options to help optimise results and mitigate any potential downsides.

Cyclodextrin Delivery Boosts Bioavailability

Containing a truly legendary compound, Decalone is a highly innovative product which combats the one major failing of 19-Nor – the fact that it is poorly absorbed. It does this via the use of a cyclodextrin delivery system. First developed by pharmaceutical companies to enhance the delivery of drugs, including anabolic steroids such as Danazol, cyclodextrin formulas have consistently been shown to massively increase absorption and in the specific study with Danazol (the compound being very close in structure to Decalone),it showed delivery was increased from around 5% to very nearly 100%).

In short, with Fusion employing cyclodextrin technology, it solves the only major blocker to making 19-norandrostenediol products effective mass builders. Now, bear in mind that back in the 2000’s, PLENTY of users were using standard oral capsules of 19-Norandrostenediol and still making gains. Just imagine what is possible when you maximise absorption to close to 100%….

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