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-Most potent testosterone prohormone
-Rapid muscle mass gains
-Improves power and strength quickly
-Not methylated so liver safe
-Improved central nervous system activation

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Every bodybuilder knows that nothing, and we mean nothing, beats testosterone when it comes to delivering rapid muscle and strength gains, improving your mood, and increasing your libido to levels not seen since you were first hitting puberty. This is why, despite the introduction of a multitude of synthetic androgens from the 1950’s onwards, testosterone reigns supreme as the king of androgens, the one you MUST have in your cycle if you are truly to optimise your body composition and sense of wellbeing to the maximum possible levels.

Now, as great as testosterone is, testosterone can only effectively be administrated via injection, a route which may seem fine to hardcore bodybuilders but to everyone else makes you a junkie, willing to risk a host of negative side effects in the hope of gaining muscle. Furthermore, testosterone can’t be administered except under medical supervision unless you are willing to trust a black market drug dealer for your product. Hmmm, so what can the average guy wanting to get swole do?

While testosterone itself is rapidly broken down when ingested orally, the use of the Cyclo 4-AD prohormone within Androtest delivers a number of benefits.


-Cyclo 4-AD converts at a high ratio IN the body to testosterone, bypassing issues of testosterone being broken down when taken orally as the conversion happens inside the body.

-By far the most potent testosterone prohormone ever invented

-Unique cyclodextrin formula ensures greater delivery of testosterone

-Rapid muscle mass gains

-Huge libido increase

-Improved central nervous system activation

-Improves power and strength quickly

-Not methylated so liver safe

-Better sexual performance

As you can see, Fusion is very confident that our Cyclo 4-AD pro hormone will beat anything else currently available on the market today. With Cyclo 4-AD being a non-methylated pro hormone, you can stack this with Fusion’s Superdrol clone, Methdrol, or even Xtreme Mass for the ultimate stack for supercharged muscle and strength gains.

Cyclodextrin Basics

We have had a lot of questions on whether a cyclodextrin is a superior alternative to other delivery methods. We based our formulations on a study conducted on a similar androgen, Danazol, which revealed that a cyclodextrin formula delivered near 100% bioavailability.

In plain language, three different formulations of Danazol, a steroid, were assessed for their oral bioavailability. These three were a plain aqueous suspension, a nanocrystalline dispersion, and a cyclodextrin-complexed formulation.  Of the three, the cyclodextrin-complexed form exhibited the best bioavailability, at nearly 100%.  The nanocrystal dispersion, which is exactly analogous to Nanodrol, followed with roughly 80%. The conventional suspension brought up the rear at 5%.

The reason for the low bioavailability of crystalline Danazol and 4AD is essentially poor solubility in the GI tract.  Oral cyclodextrins and oral nanoparticles both tackle that problem.

90 Caps Androtest
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90
Amount Per Serving
Cyclo-4AD   125mg
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, rice flour, hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin, magnesium stearate
Allergen Information:
This product is only for healthy males 21 years of age or older. Keep out of reach of children. 
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