Alpha One

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Legendary prohormone returns
Goal: Build Muscle

-Promotes large increases in lean muscle mass in a short period of time
-Awesome for body composition improvements
-Rapid gains in strength
-No conversion to estrogen thus promoting lean gains
-Suitable for shorter cycles, between 2-4 weeks
-Enhances muscle density

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Fusion Supplements are the pioneers of resurrecting popular prohormones that are long gone from the market. Products such as the M14ADD and Decalone are slowly becoming some of the most popular prohormones once again reigniting the fire that once blazed from the popularity of these compounds. With this goal in mind, Fusion Supplements have now reincarnated Alpha One, previously sold by American brand Competitive Edge Labs.

Precursor of Methyl-1-Testosterone

Alpha One contains Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone, which is a potent and fast acting compound that promotes rapid gains in mass and strength even over short cycles. Being a compound that does not convert to estrogen, Alpha One does not cause any estrogen-related side effects such as water retention, bloating, or fat gain thus increasing lean muscle growth. What makes Alpha One stand out from any other bulking prohormone is that gains of 10lb – 15lb have been seen from a single cycle. We recommend potential users of Alpha One to google feedback on the original version of this product as Fusion’s version is IDENTICAL in both dosage and number of capsules so results will be exactly the same.

Cycle Suggestions

Due to being such as potent prohormone, it is highly recommended for an on-cycle support product to be used during the cycle to reduce the potential side effects such as elevated blood pressure or added strain on the liver due to Alpha One being a methylated compound. With regards to the duration of the cycle, Alpha One can be run for up to 4 weeks maximum followed by a comprehensive Post Cycle Therapy to promote optimal hormonal recovery from the cycle.

 60 caps

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