3 Spray

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-Topical product
-High DHEA concentration
-Anti-aging factor
-Faster fat loss

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3 Spray contains effective levels of DHEA. Anti-aging is about more than smile lines, wrinkles and balding. Fight aging from the inside out with Prototype Nutrition’s DHEA Spray. With a pronounced effect on the central nervous system, DHEA produces a direct effect on mood, cognition and memory processing. Since levels of this steroidal hormone decrease with age, supplementation is recommended for those ages 35 and over, or those experiencing age-related fatigue or decreased mental acuity. Supplementation of DHEA will increase these levels to those of your youth; restoring mental function, memory processing and elevating mood. Additionally, in topical spray form, absorption of DHEA is higher, and is stored subcutaneously, then released by the body slowly over time.

Prototype Nutrition 3 Spray 240ml
Amount Per Bottle
Beta-Hydroxy-Androst-5-en-17-one 7200mg
Isopropyl Myristate



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