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Post cycle therapy (PCT) basics

The propagation in the usage of the prohormones in bodybuilding group has intended that the trainees are capable in acquiring the levels of the muscularity and the strength, which was earlier out of reach for many people. Supplements like Epistane, Havoc, Halodrol and Tren, have made even those people who relatively have less training and the dietary routines to make quick gains.

But, there has not been an attendant awareness of this requirement to bring back the homeostatic environment in our body, such that while there is any quick progress during the usage of the prohormones, many people experience a crash that is generally familiar to the steroid users who use very powerful ergogenics without any ancillary products required to protect the gains. While the individual is on the prohormones cycle then he will not be alarmed in most of the cases by the decrease in his natural levels of testosterone since he is having a product that is working through related mechanisms, in order to provide several of the anabolic functions of the testosterone like strength and the increased muscle mass.

Androgenic functions

The androgenic functions of the testosterone, which is related to the characteristics that we consider associated with the males like sex drive and aggression, can either be exaggerated by the usage of the prohormones, if the product used has these characteristics, or in other cases, stay constant or even decrease. It is very common for the substances that are very dry, i.e., lower amount of estrogen in body, to result in a decrease in the sex drive while those substances that allow some estrogen production increase the occurrence of the androgenic traits like aggression and sex drive. This is the most crucial part in most of the peoples’ eyes and the one part which most individuals will generally make some efforts in its addressing.


The steroid customers will generally combine the HMG/HCG with some kind of anti-estrogen in order to promote the testosterone recovery. So most of the supplement products attempt in working in an identical manner to this approach, although without any direct effect that the HCG or HMG can bring. A swing of ingredients and products are being promoted in order to restore the post cycle support. There are so many of them to talk about but some of them include Divanil, Tribulus Terrestris, Icariin, Zinc, Indole-3-Carbinol, Avena Sativa, Vitex Agnus Castus, Resveratrol and many, more products. Some of them are more effective than the others, but there is a comparative lack of the data beyond the anecdotal proof , which prevents us to make any definitive statements as to which is to be recommended.

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