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Popular Types of Protein Supplements – Which to choose?

When you think of protein sources, do you know exactly what those options are? Do you know what is in each different kind? Are you wondering which one would be the fastest to get into your system with your busy schedule? Well here is a list of the protein sources you will be able to decipher quickly and easily and decide which one is the best for you. The order is not relevant to which is the best because each person is different. Each person has which type they like and each person knows which is the best for them already and if you don’t you can choose for yourself!

Whey Protein

The most popular protein supplement on the market today, whey is a by-product in the process of turning milk into cheese. Whey protein has been shown to promote lean muscle growth and fat loss, as well as support cardiovascular health and a healthy metabolism. Whey is also quickly absorbed by the body, making it useful for post-workout recovery. Bonus: This inexpensive source of complete protein comes in a variety of flavors ranging from tried-and-true vanilla to decadent chocolate-mint ice cream.

Whey Isolate

Protein is derived from various food sources and is concentrated by removing the non-protein parts. The result: a powder that’s 70-85 percent pure protein (with the remain 15-30 percent consisting mostly of carbohydrates and fat). Taking the concentration process a step further, isolation removes a much higher percentage of non-protein content. The additional processing yields a premium protein that is up to 95 percent pure.


Casein protein powder offers similar benefits to whey protein, but with a different release process. Because casein digests over a long period of time, research has found it’s an optimal protein choice before bed. Although it’s a great before bed shake, it is not recommended for your post workout. This is because it is absorbed slowly and your body craves nutrients to replenish and rebuild.

Egg protein

Egg proteins are very rich in vitamins and minerals that you need for a healthy diet. It also includes vitamin B12, which is necessary for fat breakdown and muscle contraction. 

Soy protein

Soybeans are one of a few plant sources that offer all essential amino acids. Protein from the soybean may help improve the body’s immune function and promote bone health. It also may help prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Pea protein

Pea protein comes from the yellow split pea, making it a great choice for vegetarians and vegans. This protein is hypoallergenic. It has a high digestion rate, meaning the body is able to process the vast majority of each serving. The pea protein has very few additives or artificial ingredients.

Rice protein

Although rice is often thought of as a carbohydrate only, brown rice is becoming a standard source for vegetarian protein powder. Brown rice is considered a good source of complex carbohydrates, vitamin B, and fiber. Also being hypoallergenic, it is very digestible and used by the entire body.

Hemp protein

Hemp is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant that’s gained popularity in recent years. It has essential fatty acids and it also improves metabolism, brain function and circulation. Hemp also includes 21 amino acids. The only con of this protein is that it is the most expensive protein powder available.

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