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Other protein products


Beside protein concentrates there are protein products which are loaded with other nutrients such as carbohydrate, vitamin, and fibre. These products usually support a certain aim such as mass gain or meal replacement.

Protein blens

These products are either mixtures of plant protein (mainly soy) and animal protein or mixtures of different types of animal proteins. The absorption of these proteins is relatively slow because of their plant protein content.

Mass Gainers

Mass gainers usually contain not only protein in high quantity, but also carbohydrate. Creatin, vitamins and/or amino acids can also be among its components. Some simple sugar such as dextrose and maltodextrin give its carbohydrate content. However, the newest mass gainers contain only one type of carbohydrate mixture with different glycemic index components.

Average protein content: 10-70%

Meal Replacement Powders (MRP)

These are complex products which are intended as substitutes for meals. They contain the necessary nutrients in the necessary amount; furthermore, they satisfy the increased needs of athletes. Naturally, they do not equal a balanced diet; they are good alternatives for substituting some (but not all) meal.

Energy and Protein Bars

These products provide a quick way to supply the body with nutriments. Depending on whether it is an energy bar or a protein bar, it contains protein and carbohydrate in varying proportions. In the long run, they are no substitute for real food.