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Low Testosterone Symptoms And Ways To Increase Testosterone Production

If it be put in simple words, then deficiency of testosterone levels can be associated with almost all the problems men face. These problems range from serious health diseases to minor problem. Regardless of the nature of the affect, it is imperative for men to have an adequate testosterone level in their body. It is evident that men are unaware of all the problems low testosterone causes in men. They only bother to check about their testosterone level when they face some serious energy lack or any downfall in their sex drive. The lines below give the major problems and symptoms associated with lower testosterone along with some recuperating measures.

Symptoms And Problems Associated With Low Testosterone

The main reason why men fail to realize low level of testosterone in their body is that it works in a very covert manner, and men only know about it when they feel and face some serious problem. The most common symptoms of reduced testosterone in men are:

  • Muscle loss
  • Anxiety
  • Mental fuzziness
  • Depression
  • Decrease in facial hair
  • Difficult to concentrate

All these symptoms of lower testosterone in men, result in several problems, the major ones that get noticed include the followings:

  • Decreased libido
  • Decreased muscles strength
  • Erectile dysfunction

Several studies have been conducted that prove that low testosterone is the main cause behind the diseases and problems which men come across and bear most of the times. Some of the studies are shared below to develop an understanding about the results of low men testosterone level. One of the studies conducted on men with low testosterone level, showed that the men who have low testosterone exhibit the following problems: Of all the subjects suffering from low testosterone level, 89% reported a lack of energy 79% of the men with same cause reported erectile dysfunction Another studies showed that 20% of the men under the age of 30 suffer with erectile problem due to low testosterone.

Recuperating With Low Testosterone

The solution to low testosterone level depends upon the reading taken of the level. If the level of testosterone in the body is as low as in 400’s, then there are ways which can naturally increase the production of testosterone in the body and continue on producing if the processes are followed regularly. Some of the ways to treat low testosterone at such a level include:

  • Diet with high testosterone element
  • Sex
  • Sound sleep
  • Reducing wait
  • Not over training

All these ways can help increase the production of testosterone up to more than 30% naturally.


When the level of testosterone in the body falls below the 300 level, it should be considered a serious problem. However, the above mentioned tips cannot help in increasing the production of testosterone at this level. At such low testosterone level, the best option available to men is to undergo Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). It is the fastest way to increase the production of testosterone once they have gone to such low levels. Moreover, with HRT the person undergoing it needs not to make any life style changes.


In short, men should have their testosterone level examined on regular basis and try to retain it over 400 mark so that if its production could be increased naturally. However, if the level falls below it then HRT is the only option left which can help men enjoy a healthy and joyful life.

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