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Learn About 4AD or 4-Diol

Many people out there feel that 4AD is the very best prohormone available for strength and muscle gain. While this is debateable, there is no doubt that 4-AD is a very good product and many people have made very good gains while on it. The rest of this article will point of the positives and potential negatives of supplementing with this prohormone.

4-diol has several factors in it’s favor. First of all, it has no aromatization prior to conversion to the target hormone so the risk of estrogenic side effects is greatly lessened. That’s not to say it isn’t a concern at all, but it is less of a concern than with prohormones that aromatize prior to conversion to the target hormone. Secondly, 4AD won’t make a direct conversion to DHT because it is structurally impossible for the compound to do so. DHT can still be a risk though because of the higher amounts of testosterone produced and because testosterone can be converted to DHT through 5-alpha-reductates.

Just these two factors make 4-AD a winner in my book. Basically, if you don’t get results due to bad conversion you also won’t get any side effects, because the side effects of unconverted 4AD are nil. So, if it doesn’t convert there is no risk of estrogens or DHT. So, your risk is only greater when you have gains, which is typical of any steroid and this makes 4-AD one of the safer prohormones you could take.

Research has also shown that 4-diol is the most anabolic of the testosterone prohormones by far. Conversion rates are almost 3 times higher than andro and over 20 times higher than 5-diol or DHEA. When compared with andro you get a 310% greater increase in testosterone and over 250% greater increase in free testosterone overall. It is also over 125% more anabolic than the 5-diol alternative.

In terms of legal anabolic action and testosterone conversion 4AD is the best prohormone out there. This is especially true for trainers over the age of 35 whose test levels are in decline. For those with lower test levels the 4-diol will give a huge boost in both strength and muscle building gains. In addition to this 4-AD also has a strong positive effect on libido and a pre workout energy effect that most of you should appreciate.

  • Target Hormone: Testosterone
  • Molecular name of target hormone: 4-androstene-3-one,17-diol
  • Target conversion: High (15.76%)
  • Conversion enzyme: 3-di-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3HSD)
  • DHT conversion: low, only from target hormone
  • Estrogenic effects: no aromatisation from compound, some from target hormone