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Intra-Workout Supplements – Why You Should Take Them

Working out continuously to build muscles require a certain amount of discipline and proper nutrition. Many newbie bodybuilders these days just stick with their guts on how to go about their routines without consulting with a trainer and/or a nutritionist. Although it is ideal to talk to a professional when it comes to your diet plan, your trainer can give you a general idea of what should help you out in building muscles, strength and stamina. He or she can also give advice on the nutritionals you should be taking in order to maintain and recover muscle cells after working out.

Benefits of intra-workout supplements

Think of the times you have felt so dead tired after a day’s gym session and the regimen you have before, during and after that workout. If you always feel this way, you need to look deeper into your workout routine, diet, and nutritional supplements. Workout-wise, it is possible that you’ve been experiencing fatigue and muscle cramps. If your diet isn’t accordingly planned and there are a bunch of food items that you shouldn’t take, your workout routine will not benefit from it as well.

Making the right choices when it comes to diet and nutritional supplements are beneficial in many ways. Although it is easier to choose the right food items to eat on a daily basis, choosing the right nutritionals can be the exact opposite. If you have been experiencing the not-so-good effects of constantly working out, it is best to search for intra-workout nutritionals.

Intra-workout nutritional supplements are formulated specifically and to be taken during workouts. These can help improve your performance and energy levels, and also provide muscles the much-needed amino acids. As you workout continuously, the body goes to a catabolic state wherein the muscles degrade due to drops in glycogen, amino acids levels, and dehydration. Intra-workout nutritionals assist your performance as they provide the body with essential nutrients that facilitate the improvement and reaction of muscle tissues. You can also benefit from the improved focus and suppression of cortisol, which is a catabolic hormone.

Other benefits

  • Improve protein bioavailability which helps in increasing muscle protein synthesis
  • Decrease protein catabolism
  • Improve the body’s energy efficiency and muscle performance
  • Increase ATP synthesis which improves energy availability
  • Delay muscle fatigue and cramps
  • Improve glucose metabolism
  • Prevent dehydration and support proper fluid distribution
  • Improve muscle recovery and repair

Such nutritional supplements are observed to have immediate results within minutes of taking them during training. And as mentioned above, the body recovers quickly and has a delayed response to fatigue and other negative effects of strenuous workouts. For a bodybuilder who loves training hard, these nutritionals could help you improve your performance in many ways. So, it is best to consult with your trainer if you are already taking some products, but are not actually helping you along the way. And maybe it is time to update your nutritional and dietary plan this time around.

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