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How Should You Decide Duration Of Your Prohormone Cycle

It is no longer rare to find liquid prohormones for sale in vitamin stores. Even extreme mass prohormones can be found displayed openly. With the proliferation in the companies which make these products and the resultant misinformation on the Internet and otherwise, a number of interested individuals remain in the stage of confusion and reluctance. Here we’ll try to debunk a common myth regarding the cycle: time period in a cycle.

Let us begin by understanding how AAS works. It usually takes a 6-8 weeks or more time period to complete the cycle. Here lies the confusion. Most of ill-trained trainers or inaccurate online portals compare this cycle to that of prohormones. But there is huge difference. As compared to injecteble AAS products which take longer period of time to be absorbed by the body, prohormone is an oral product which is absorbed within a day. This can be verified by checking testosterone levels in the blood. This also means that some of the extreme mass prohormones can show positive in comparably less time.

So, what’re the factors which decide the exact time period? The first criterion is the kind of prohormone taken. For instance a product which affects liver to the maximum extent is recommended for shorter duration of time. These products also result in considerable weight gain in shorter duration of time. This implies that toxic M1T is to be taken for a shorter duration; M-Drol is to be taken for a longer duration. Another criterion to monitor length of cycle is degree of androgenic and estrogenic affects.

Age is another criterion which should be kept in mind. This is a simple one. If you’re a young individual who is yet to experience first such cycle, then both your cycle lengths and dosages should be kept shorter. This won’t only keep a check on side-effects, it would be the best thing to do for a young body with a lot of scope for muscle growth by healthier means. As compared to this, if you’re an experienced and comparatively older person, you can experiment with longer cycles and dosages.

The other day you stumbled upon liquid prohormones for display in a nearby store and the word side-effects stuck you. Are the threat o side effects real or imaginary? Well, the answer to this question can’t be generalized. A lot depends on your individual reaction and tolerance. Results are extraordinarily diverse. Some people go on with these products without any major change in androgenic effects. Some others find a surge in aggression, sexual drive, anger and other physical effects. However, estrogenic effects are more worrisome and puzzling. Keeping all these points in the mind, make an informed and intelligent decision!

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