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Easy Steps For A Healthy Lifestyle


So everyone at some point in his or her life has heard about living a healthy lifestyle. This phrase means in a nutshell if we want to get our best body then we need to feel good to look good. But who the hell knows what that means lately? Everyone is so warped in their electronics do they actually know what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Well now I am going to tell you!

There are some obvious things that describe a healthy person: He or She does not smoke, is at a healthy weight, eats healthy foods and exercises on a regular basis. It sounds so easy to get those into your daily routines, but how many of you reading this realize that you don’t do all those things or some days its put on the back burner for other things, possibly like a TV show you wanted to see.

The good news is that if you are that couch potato don’t feel overwhelmed because you don’t have to change everything at the same time. Actually the trick is to make small changes daily. Thinks like adding fruit into your cereal or having an extra glass of water or saying NO to a second helping of those buttery mashed potatoes. Here are some helpful steps to living a healthier lifestyle.

Easy Steps For A Healthy Lifestyle


One of the biggest reasons people have weight problems these days is because we sit around too much. People fill their head with excuses like; I am too busy, I don’t know where to start, I’m not motivated, or we may get hurt.

Everything Counts and the more you move, the healthier you will be.

The perception that you have to sweat off the amount of calories you ate in the gym by vigorously running or killing yourself isn’t always the case. Moderate activities like chores, gardening and walking can make a difference.

Benefits of movement
  • Reduce Heart Disease
  • Improve Joint Stability and Maintain Bone Mass
  • Improve Range of Motion and Flexibility
  • Improve mood and symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Reduce Stress

Even if you do the little things you can still see that benefits of moving in general are good. One study found that just a 10% weight reduction in obese patients reduced their blood pressure, cholesterols and increased their longevity.

Simple ways
  1. Turn off TV – Do something a little more physical than just sitting and watching a TV, go to the nearby park or go walk to the grocery store.
  2. Walk More – Walk to get the mail, walk the dog, walk on the treadmill, having a few minutes of extra walking can get your body used to moving around.
  3. Do Chores – I’m not saying do the dishes and be done, I’m saying work in the garden, rake up leaves, or sweeping the floor. Nothing to vigorous but it can keep you moving.

Eating well

Eating a healthy diet is another part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only can a clean diet help with weight loss, but t also can improve your quality of life as you get older. One helpful program to use to start would be to just track what you’re eating. I love the app MyFitnessPal.

They always say abs weren’t made in the gym they were made in the kitchen.

Upgrade your diet

Replace “I Should” with “I choose”- instead of I should be eating fruits and vegetables, use I choose to eat more fruits and vegetables. Then get up and do it. This type of language shows you have control of the choice you make.

Use these small tips to help you get started and give you some guidance on some thing to try if you’re new to this whole dieting thing.

  • Skip the Guilt – Usually whenever someone feels guilty about something it feeds right back to the behavior that they are trying to get rid of. If someone is an emotional eater and they said they shouldn’t eat something, it implies more guilt, then they feel worse and they end up eating to comfort themselves.
  • Choose to Plan – Stock your pantry with healthy foods so when you get hungry you wont grab for some burger and fries on the way home after a long day.
  • Slow down and savor your food – don’t watch TV, Work, or Drive while eating. When you focus on eating you will be much more satisfied instead of craving more while eating and multitasking.
  1. Eat More Fruit – If you already eat a ton of fruit I would not add more but if you don’t eat any maybe eat a banana or two a day.
  2. Eat More Veggies – Sneak in more veggies whenever you can. Add them whenever you can, a tomato in your sandwich, peppers in your salad or with your meal, or pre cut them in portions and just eat them as quick snacks during the day.
  3. Eat Fat Free Dairy – If you need to eat dairy then eat low fat or fat free. I don’t have much dairy in my diet at all; you don’t really need cheese in your diet, its mostly fat anyway.
  4. Eat more Protein – Getting 3 meals of 4 to 5 ounces of protein a day with a veggie, as a side is a good way to get your daily amounts in.
  5. Stay away from Starches – Bread is not your friend. Even though bread is my secret guilty pleasure.
  6. Make Substitutions – you should pick three foods in your fridge and next time you go to the store pick three things that are better than the original ones in your fridge.


When creating a healthy lifestyle you don’t have to make drastic changes. Drastic Changes will almost always lead you to failure. Making small changes in how you live each day can lead to big rewards.

So Get Up, Eat Healthy, and Find Out what you can do to be Healthy Today!