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EAA Supplements – Essential Amino Acids for Your Body

When considering amino acid supplements, you should know that there are nine essential types which should always be included in your diet for proper health. These nine essential amino acids can be taken in the form of supplements or from food sources such as eggs and animal meat.

In case you were wondering, the nine amino acids generally regarded as essential for humans are:

  1. Threonine
  2. Phenylalanine
  3. Valine
  4. Leucine
  5. Tryptophan
  6. Methionine
  7. Lysine
  8. Isoleucine
  9. Histidine

Why are essential amino acids important?

Our bodies use them to build the proteins necessary for everything from muscles and bones, tendons and ligaments, skin and hair, internal organs and fluids, proper functioning of the immune system etc. They are also essential for the growth, maintenance, and repair of all these important parts of our bodies. This means they are essential for sustaining our lives!

Should you lack one or more of these essentials, some symptoms you may experience can include:

• Weakness and fatigue • Lack of energy • Abnormal loss of weight • Muscle loss • Frequent bodily infections or illness due to decreased activity from the immune system

You can counter some of these symptoms easily by taking supplements or by changing your diet to include more foods which contain the necessary proteins.

Who should take amino acid supplements?

The problem with eggs and animal meat intake is that there are some people who are vegans or vegetarians. Vegetarians and vegans are much more susceptible to the protein deficiency symptoms. If you are a vegetarian type, you should know that ingesting plants usually lack at least one of the essential amino acids – also, some plants are deficient in all nine. Therefore, people with these characteristics may want to take supplements in order to ensure their bodies are getting the sufficient amount to function properly. Also, women who are “too thin” or who are very conscious of their weight and should also consider taking amino supplements.

Athletes or body builders should really look into taking additional amino supplements. As stated earlier, amino acids are essential in the formation of proteins which build everything from muscles to stronger bones. Without them, athletes and body builders are limiting their performance or gains in a muscle building regime. Athletes and body builders naturally deplete amino acids from foods much quicker than the average person; therefore supplementation may help them tremendously in their routines. Three of the most important amino acids are valine, leucine and isoleucine because they maintain muscle tissues and prevent the breakdown of muscle during strenuous exercise. Many athletes have taken these specific amino supplements to improve and enhance their physical effects and performance.

For others who are undergoing stress, aging, infections, medication effects, and chemical imbalances, a decrease in amino acids may result and supplementation may be required. A blood test can detect a deficiency, but it is not always necessary as it can be corrected by taking supplements to ensure that you are getting the proper amount for your body and its functions.

EAA Supplements


Isoleucine is effective for recovery from muscle cramp, especially in a post exercise period. It is also required during the production of hemoglobin. It assists in maintaining blood sugar level in the blood stream. This is one of the important essential amino acids contributing to the blood coagulation. Deficiency in isoleucine may include symptoms resembling hypoglycemia. Common problems may involve dizziness, depression, confusion, irritation, etc.


It functions on balancing blood sugar level in the body. It also promotes in the development of the muscle tissue. It modulates the level of hormone production and energy regulation. It also provides support by preventing the breakdown of muscles. Deficiency in leucine may include dizziness, irritation, headache, fatigue, etc.


This is one of the most significant essential amino acids that must be present in diet in order to promote bone growth and development, especially in infants and toddlers. It helps in assisting calcium absorption as well as nitrogen maintenance in the body. Deficiency in lysine is not a common case. It is available widely in many protein based foods. However, deficiency results in experiencing several complications such as low energy, hair loss, anemia, retarded growth, weight loss, and reproductive system complications.


This amino acid is perfect in assisting protein balance in the body. Additionally, it helps in the development of collagen and maintaining elasticity in the skin. It also functions of liver. It functions well in reducing liver fat. In addition to other essential amino acids, threonine promotes well balancing of immune system in terms of antibody production and thymus growth.


This is an essential ingredient for the formation of vitamin B3. It is responsible for the production of serotonin which is exclusively important for balancing nerve and brain functioning. It is beneficial for controlling hyperactivity among children. It aids in alleviating stress. It works effectively as an appetite suppressant. It also promotes in reducing weight.


It helps in breaking down of fatty acids, and hence it prevents in building up fatty elements on the artery walls. It also works significantly in the normal detoxification of liver. It is essential in promoting energy production as well as in muscle building. Methionine, one of the essential amino acids, functions like an effective anti-oxidant by supplying sulfur for inactivating free radicals.


It is intimately related to the nervous system and thereby effective in regulating mood. It functions on the memory system and learning processes. It is also effective as an appetite suppressant. Deficiency of phenylalanine may result in depression, chronic pain and Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, if someone is lacking this essential amino acid, he may suffer from fatigue, lethargy, skin irruption, liver complications, and sluggish growth.


It comes to the blood stream especially when someone is affected by allergic complications. It aids in repairing of bodily tissues as well as for development. It also protects nerve cells by maintaining myelin sheath. It assists in the production of red and white blood cells. It also helps body to fight against bodily damages resulted from radiation.


Valine offers a stimulating effect. It is one of the significant among all essential amino acids that promote muscular metabolism and tissue growth. It also functions as a great energy source for all bodily mechanism. Drug addiction and alcoholism result in a deficiency of this essential amino acid. The deficiency may lead to develop maple syrup urine dieses. Apart from that, a deficiency in valine may also result in damaged myelin sheath.

Are there any Side Effects?

Fortunately, there are very few to no side effects with supplementation. The formation of proteins is critical for your body so in-taking supplements will almost always benefit your body and help maintain it. On the other hand, should you lack the proper amino acids your body requires, your body will break down muscle tissue and use them to supply the more important organs in your body.

So, should you take amino supplements it is advised that you acquire them from a reputable source and read the directions on the labels. As for how much of the you should intake, the recommended dosage on the label should be sufficient. Please consult with your doctor if you are unsure about anything regarding any supplements you wish to take.

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