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Bodybuilding Supplements with Niacin to Boost Your Muscle Gain


Bodybuilding supplements with niacin are often used to lower cholesterol, thanks to its ability to suppress the disintegration of fats, preventing fatty acids from entering the blood. However, niacin is also found to stimulate the human growth hormone, or GH. The growth hormone is important for everyone, but most especially for athletes and bodybuilders

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The ABCs of Vitamins – A Comprehensive Vitamin Guide


Vitamins are organic compounds that are essential for normal metabolic functions. These functions include using proteins to repair injured tissue and converting fats and carbohydrates into energy. They do not supply the body with either energy or calories directly. Because vitamins (with the exception of Vitamin D) can not be synthesized by our body, they must be consumed through diet to prevent vitamin deficiency disorders.

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Vitamin B12 – When, How, and Why to Supplement


Vitamin B12 is water-soluble. Cobalamine contains the element cobalt surrounded by a porphyrin like ring. The coenzyme forms of cobalamine are 5'deoxyadenosylcobalamine and methylcobalamine.

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Vitamin D Benefits and How To Get Them


New benefits of Vitamin D are being discovered everyday as an important part of a healthy diet. Yet many people still don't get enough Vitamin D to reap the wonderful benefits it can offer to support good health.

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Vitamin K – The Next Smashing Vitamin


For the past decade, we have been hearing so much about how vitamin D can promote good health in almost every respect. But now, based on the remarkable knowledge scientists have gained regarding vitamin K, we have a new kid on the block that may end up being the next vitamin D.

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Do Supplements for Muscle Gain Work


Supplements are very essential in the maximization of your body growth potential. As this site is all about Adding Muscle, we will keep it focused on bodybuilding. Most people that are wanting to build their body have either succeeded positively or negatively.

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Which Vitamins will Optimize your Metabolism?


There is a lot of confusion surrounding thyroid vitamins and nutrition. When most people see the word thyroid, they instantly visualize overweight individuals who, no matter how hard they try, cannot lose weight.

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Rich Sources of Vitamin D


Vitamins perform an important role in human metabolic processes including bone structure, support immune activities, manage cell growth and calcium absorption, especially influence strongly on losing weight.

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What Is Vitamin B For? – A Quick Reference Guide


What is Vitamin B for? This is a question that is often asked and understandably so. There are many important vitamins that we need to be taking on a daily basis. This in itself becomes a daunting task trying to remember what they are, which ones to take, and how we benefit by taking them.

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