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Are SARMS The New Prohormones?


As we age, our endurance, power and skeletal muscle mass deteriorates due to the loss of type 2 muscle fibers. This hinders individuals to function normally. With SARMS, skeletal muscle mass and strength in androgen-deficient people can be enhanced.

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6 OXO – Boosting Testosterone and Controlling Estrogen


6 OXO was one of the most innovative and exciting supplements to hit the market. It was a true steroidal aromatase inhibitor, replacing things like chrysin, which were the only choices up until that point. 6OXO was head and shoulders above chysin for boosting testosterone and reducing estrogen because they actually disabled the enzyme, aromatase, that converted testosterone to estrogen.

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Top 5 Strongest Prohormones On The Market


Superdrol (called methasteron, methdrol and methyldrostanolone) is the name of the most popular and the well-known product to contain the 2a,17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one-17b-ol (methyldrostanolone) steroid. Superdrol is probably the most effective and widely used oral anabolic steroid of the last decade. It is basically masteron lacking the ester chain. As an oral steroid, it is equipped with a c-17aa modification allowing it to survive the first pass through the liver.

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Over the Counter PCT Vs SERM PCT


Taking a prohormone is something that a bodybuilder, or an individual who is looking to become stronger and bigger, can do when they do not want to resort to the use of anabolic steroids. Though prohormones are not considered anabolic steroids, it does not mean using them should be taken lightly.

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The Ultimate Prohormone FAQ


How many prohormone cycles can I run per year? For newer or moderately experienced users, two prohormone cycles per year should be the maximum. For advanced users who have relatively extensive prohormone or designer steroid experience, three cycles per year should be the maximum.

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The Winter Prohormone Cycle


We wanted to put together a good stack how-to based on two of the more popular designer steroids/prohormones available BOLD (1,4AD) and H-DROL (Halodrol) for even better bulking results users can replace h-drol with p-mag (promagon) as they’re entirely interchangeable.

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Havoc – A Low-Risk Prohormone That Can Strengthen Your Muscles


If you have set an aim for yourself to get a toned physique in a couple of weeks, Havoc can make your dream come true. The non-estrogenic supplement comes with little or no side effects and is one of the most sought-after prohormones at this moment.

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Learn About 4AD or 4-Diol


Many people out there feel that 4AD is the very best prohormone available for strength and muscle gain. While this is debateable, there is no doubt that 4-AD is a very good product and many people have made very good gains while on it. The rest of this article will point of the positives and potential negatives of supplementing with this prohormone.

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Have You Thought Of Stacking Prohormones?


If you are searching for an alternative to dangerous steroids, prohormones may be the key to your problem. Prohormones, which are basically the name given to the precursors of hormones, are commonly discussed on the forums where bodybuilding is the main topic.

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