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ZMA The Perfect Supplement For Athletes and Bodybuilders

zma supplements

The nutritional supplement of ZMA consists of Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate. It enhances athlete performance but unlike steroids, it is natural, safe, and more effective. It is a legal way for athlete to improve muscle mass. No athletic organizations have banned ZMA. The key to why this supplement is so popular among those individuals looking to gain muscle mass lies in the fact that taking ZMA regularly with cause the body to increase its testosterone production.

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How Vitamin D and Calcium Rebuild Your Bone


It is never too early to begin supplementing calcium and vitamin D for building bone mass. Osteoporosis is a common problem among the elderly, but is totally preventable and treatable. Women especially are at risk, because they can lose up to 5% of their bone mass every year for up to seven years after menopause. With crippling fractures and death from complications of fractures on the rise, we need to be sure that we are letting people know how vitamins and supplements can help them prevent and treat osteoporosis.

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Manganese – An Important Enzyme Activator


Manganese is a micromineral that activates a number of important enzymes in the body. In this article I will be discussing this nutrient in greater detail and providing you with a summary of its main functions, the best food sources, the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) and the potentially adverse effects of consuming too much or too little.

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Calcium Magnesium Potassium Boron & How Can They Help You


Another important mineral present in this supplement is Calcium. It is an important mineral of the body. Healthy bones and teeth require adequate amount of calcium. Bones contain large amounts of calcium. Calcium is also present in blood. Calcium maintains proper functioning of muscles. It also helps in blood clotting action of enzymes and proteins are maintained by calcium. It also controls composition of body fluids.

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Zinc for your health and beauty


Zinc is one of the three minerals essential for a normal function. Its main functions are to control and regulate metabolic processes and enzyme activity. Zinc supports cell division, while having a role in the synthesis of testosterone and insulin and increase immunity to infection, support muscle growth and has beneficial effects on the skin.

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