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Binge Eating and Fitness


Being a binge-eater, is like being an alcoholic, except it involves food instead of alcohol. It is an addiction which affects people of all levels of fitness.

A lot of focus has been placed on anorexia-nervosa, and bulimia-nervosa, but it seems that compulsive overeating gets ignored, and/or lost in the shuffle. A common misconception is that binge eating occurs only with obese individuals.

Everyone has this perception that to be skinny you need to eat less. Well why would starving your self to look like an unhealthy stick be an image that anyone would want.

Why People Binge Eat

Usually when one engages in an episodic binge, he or she has starved him or herself throughout the course of the entire day. When night time comes, the person’s hormones are out of whack, which will often lead to a sugar-craving (or salt/fat craving).

Since the binge-eating follows a regular pattern of “eat a bunch,” and then “starve yourself the following day due to guilt”, the cycle will continue, and will eventually prove to be very detrimental to one’s well-being, digestive system, and overall level of fitness.


When excessive eating of carbohydrates occurs, the carbohydrates are converted to a form called glycogen, and stored in the muscles, and liver.

If the liver and muscles are filled to their maximum capacity with glycogen, then any excess carbohydrates which are consumed, will be stored as fat. In order to keep your weight in check, you should completely avoid binge-eating altogether. But, if it does occur, here is a good way to recover:

If you overeat (particularly with carbohydrates), eliminate carbohydrates from your breakfast the following morning. You have to burn off some of that stored glycogen before you start to overflow your body with excess carbohydrates. You CAN eat the next morning, just make sure you eat the RIGHT food!

If your stomach is filled with a surplus of food from the day before, try to exercise in the morning before you eat anything, and go to the bathroom to unload some of the food in your digestive system before you start overloading your body with excess calories to be stored as fat.

If you eat anything at all, have some salad, fiber, or protein(chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites, fish, etc) instead of carbohydrates. Burn up some of that stored glycogen before you ingest unnecessary carbs.

Binge eating can occur at all times of the day as well. You can crave food breakfast, lunch, dinner or before bedtime.

Straying From Your Diet

Staying on your diet and workout plan is hard. Whether it’s the holidays, birthdays, or the big game, there are plenty of tempting excuses to indulge. If you’ve fallen prey, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Just remember these two keys as you try to control the damage. To help control some of these temptations here are some tips or keys to help you not fall into bad habits.

1.Start Eating

Trying to offset your binges with an excessive caloric restriction will only set you up for failure. Basically, your body will think the end of times is near and will shut down. Once that happens, your body will desperately cling to fat. No matter what you ate, go back to your regularly scheduled diet once you’re done splurging. Skipping meals is a definite no-go.

You need to make sure you are not eating less. Eating one meal a day or skipping meals will not put you in a good spot to lose fat or hold onto muscle. You should be eating 5 or 6 small meals a day that have a vegetable, a protein, and maybe a small carbohydrate.

I know most people only eat carbs their entire day and barely think of healthy fats, veggies, or proteins. These are key ingredients for fat loss. If you want to keep the fat on then keep eating the crap.

2.Start Moving

If you do fall into binge eating you need to start getting up and moving your body around to put those extra calories to good use. Getting daily exercise throughout your workweek can increase your fat loss, especially if you just sit at a desk all day.


When you crave foods you need to keep your mind busy on something else or eat a small meal of protein and veggies. You will normally crave sugar or salts on the days you want to binge, don’t go smash some ice cream and candy bars, those are the worst for you. If you eat too many carbohydrates then you will increase your glycogen levels to an excess then you will be storing fat.

If all else fails confide in a friend or family member to help you in your goal to start eating healthier meals and start getting more active on a daily basis. Diet and Exercise are keep to keeping your mind and body healthy all year round.