Are Vitamin Supplements Really Beneficial?

Humans are designed to perform various tasks. Meaning, they are also designed to consume very high levels of energy. With this regards, it is a must that humans must incorporate into their daily diets the vitamins and minerals that will act as vital supplements to keep them going. The generation in which everyone of us currently lives in is a health-conscious generation. Vitamins, minerals, and most of all, nutrition, have become very important topics. Schools, health organizations, hospitals, and clinics emphasize the importance of such to human life. Care for the human body is vital. With a malfunctioning body system, work, challenges, and health will just be dreams which will be out-of-reach.

The busy lifestyle as engaged to by all individuals now hinders proper nutrition. Why so? It is because of the reality that these busy individuals tend to eat less than what is required. They no longer eat a sufficiently balanced diet that will enhance their immune system in fighting off foreign bodies that attack the body systems. This malpractice as exemplified by the people these days has paved the way for the boom of the vitamin supplement industry.

It still cannot be denied that the intake of a sufficient balanced diet secures proper nutrition. Multi vitamins though, come in varied forms. There is the liquid vitamin, vitamin pill, and some of them come in gel capsules.

Taking in a multivitamin, be it in whatever form, will obviously give a person the very benefit of what is known as convenience. It will be much convenient for a person, particularly the very busy ones, to take one multivitamin supplement than to take a lot other of the varied kinds that contain separate vitamin supplements. For one, the children need to take only one dose of a complete set of vitamins which will further enhance their resistance. It will be very difficult to let the children take a large number of vitamin supplement. Although it is best for them to have the vitamin liquid supplement. For older people, it is as well considered beneficial to take in the traditional tablet form of vitamins.

There are a myriad of health benefits which can be derived out of vitamin intake as part of your daily diet. You may have recalled how your mother would pump you with different types of vitamin supplements. You may have clearly remembered how you managed to trick you mom or your nanny so you will not be obliged to drink your vitamin supplements for the day. Now that you have grown up from your childish ways, it is now clear to you how beneficial vitamin supplements can get, right?

Vitamin supplements provide antioxidants such as that of the Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. These antioxidants function by combating what is known as the reactive oxygen intermediates or that which is commonly known as the free radicals. It is a known fact that the free radicals are the root of serious illnesses like that of cancer, hypertension, and the rheumatoid arthritis.

What are free radicals really? And how do they harm humans?

These free radicals are the sets of atoms that contain unpaired electrons in the outer shell. They are hence fatal. And because of their struggle to attain a more stable outer shell, they need to get an electron that will be paired with the rest of their electrons. When taken inside the human body, the free radicals operate to oxidize the nearest molecule. Therefore, these free radicals are able to take their needed electron. Now, the oxidized molecule will hence become a free radical as well. A chain reaction follows and starts disrupting the living cells around.

Do you know what the free radicals do?

The free radicals primarily attack the DNA, the lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. In all cases, the prime target is the DNA. When the DNA is the one disrupted, then mutations start on the part of the cell cycle then automatically leads to malignancy.

What must be done?

It is essential to take antioxidants as provided by the Vitamins A, C and E. These substances tend to protect the human body against the damaging and harmful oxidation reactions.

Not anybody wants to be a victim of diseases and some other illnesses. The protection against the harms brought by the free radicals and some other dangerous factors can impede good health. That is why, it is extremely a must to protect one’s self. Vitamin supplements will help.

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