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Advantages of Protein Bars for Weight Loss

Why are so many people reaching for protein bars instead of more traditional breakfast and lunch options? This question is being asked by many people in this country, as friends, family members, and coworkers recognize the benefits that protein bars have for the person attempting to lose weight.

What is Protein?

This magical dietary component is also an element found within the body of humans. It represents the largest portion of the make-up of hair and nails. It helps rebuild after injury, is found in blood, skin, muscle, and even bone. Thus, it is easy to understand why so many speak so highly about it as a dietary aid. Consuming large amounts of protein and cutting back on carbohydrates has proven to put the body into a state of ketosis (begins to feed off of fat reserves in the body). This is typically associated with a decreased appetite and quick weight loss. Protein can be found in many forms including fish, poultry, beef, pork, beans, nuts, and whole grain. As a result, it is easy for nutrition bar manufacturers to find interesting and tasty ways to pack the meal supplements full of healthy doses of protein.

Protein Bars for Weight Loss

For many years, people associated carbohydrates with increased energy and stamina. Athletes and the average gym goer thought it best to consume pasta dishes before heading out, but that is not necessarily the best approach. As more research is done, it is becoming more and more obvious that protein bars have more to offer than the crab-rich meals. Protein is associated with improved ability to build and sustain muscle, because, as mentioned above, it helps with the healing process. As the muscles are worked €” either through cardio or lifting €” they are pushed to extremes and then, as they heal, muscle mass accumulates. This translates to a more toned look, improved strength and endurance.. The Omega-3 fatty acids of the assorted nuts found in these bars have been linked to increased the morphogenesis (the burning of fat) and vitamins B-12 and D, which are commonly associated with improved metabolic rates are also frequently found in protein bars. In addition, the bars are easy to grab as one runs for the gym during a lunch break or after work.

Protein Bars Versus Protein Shakes

One question remains, however. Why is it that people seem to prefer the protein bars to the equivalent shakes and powders? In many cases, the choice of bar versus shake has more to do with taste and convenience than it does with dietary benefits. Protein bars, which feature delicious nuts, fruits, seeds, and even chocolate have a lot to offer in the form of flavor. Furthermore, they are easily transported, which makes them a convenient alternative for lunch, a great breakfast on the go, or an easy snack between meals.

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