6 OXO – Boosting Testosterone and Controlling Estrogen

6 OXO was one of the most innovative and exciting supplements to hit the market. It was a true steroidal aromatase inhibitor, replacing things like chrysin, which were the only choices up until that point. 6OXO was head and shoulders above chysin for boosting testosterone and reducing estrogen because they actually disabled the enzyme, aromatase, that converted testosterone to estrogen.

6 OXO was brought to market by Patrick Arnold of Proviant and sold under the trade name Ergopharm’s 6 OXO. It was an immediate success because it was sold in combination with the andro supplements from the company. Prohormones like “andro” may possibly act like anabolic steroids to shut down the body’s own natural testosterone production. This happens because the andro molecule looks and acts like testosterone. The body, seeing more testosterone than necessary, limits its own natural production as a consequence.

This short term reduction in the body’s own testosterone production while on andro or anabolic steroids is called “shut down”. This shutting down effect reverses over time when a prohormone or steroid is ceased, but 6OXO may in fact speed up that process.

The use of 6 OXO or another aromatase inhibitor to reverse this shut down more quickly than normal is called “PCT” or post cycle therapy. It’s the use of a testosterone booster “post cycle” or after the andro cycle to boost your testosterone back to “normal” more quickly than would happen naturally. This, in theory allows the bodybuilder to keep his gains from a cycle of andro and not lose as much.

6 OXO has been studied on its own, as a supplement for boosting testosterone. As a stand alone supplement, 6 OXO has a great track record for safety and has been shown in humans to boost testosterone to the highest possible human levels. This testosterone boosting effect isn’t as high as taking “andro” but it would push the body to produce more testosterone than normal. If a man has a testosterone level of 300ng/dl, 6 OXO could push that as high as 900 ng/dl which is the highest natural human level possible. Andro would take that to another level, potentially hitting up to 2300 ng/dl for testosterone levels.

Next to andro, 6 OXO is the best way to boost natural testosterone levels. Unfortunately, since 6 OXO is a steroid hormone, it has the ability to cause a false positive on drug tests for “anabolic steroids”. This makes it undesirable and has caused even professional athletes to test “positive”.

6 OXO has been the source of much controversy in recent years. Although it is a 100% DSHEA compliant supplement, it has been criticized by the FDA. In 2008, Proviant the maker of 6 OXO was forced to cease production due to financial stresses. There has been no legal decision against 6 OXO as a supplement, but the pressures of false positive law suits ultimately caused the production of 6 OXO to cease.

Since then there are natural, non-steroidal replacements for 6 OXO that have the same effects, but none of the controversy. Leading the pack on these natural aromatase inhibitors is 2-Phenyl-Di-Benzyl-Benzopyran-4-One which is the most potent natural aromatase inhibitor on the market. It is so strong it rivals even prescription aromatase inhibitors, yet is completely natural and won’t cause a false positive on drug tests.

Although 6 OXO was once a great supplement, having steroidal skeleton product made it a liability for many people. These new non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors give the same promise of boosting testosterone and reducing estrogen, without the problems.

6 OXO changed the face of supplements forever and gave the bodybuilding community new concepts like PCT and aromatase inhibition. Sadly, it’s gone as a supplement but the concepts pioneered by 6 OXO are still alive and well in other supplements.

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