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3 Supplements Which Lower Estrogen and Increase Testosterone in Men

High amounts of the female sex hormone estrogen in your body will not do your body any good and will rot your body inside out. Us men today have a very high amount of estrogen in our blood because of certain chemicals in our environment that mimic the female sex hormone estrogen. Now, we all need estrogen but too much of estrogen will suppress testosterone production and cause female effects inside the male body. Female effects such as, enlargement of the male breast tissue and so on. To lower estrogen one could take anti estrogen pills that the bodybuilders take or use the three supplements which lower estrogen in men and increase testosterone, which I am about to tell you.


Zinc is one of the twenty-four essential minerals that is needed and used by our bodies. It regulates more than one hundred enzymes in the body and is known for its testosterone boosting effects also. Zinc is also an estrogen blocker, it blocks estrogen by attaching to the aromatise enzyme and doesn’t allow it to convert free testosterone molecules into estrogen. If you have a zinc deficiency which most men do, than you are screwed. A recent study has shown that a zinc deficiency can more than double the amount of activity of estrogen receptors, which is basically a bad thing. So that is why my recommendation to you is to take a zinc supplement since our bodies can’t store this vital minerals not synthesize it.

Calcium D Glucarate

This mineral is basically found in all the berries in the world. Since Calcium D as I like to call It is found in the fiber found in the “jelly” part of the berries which you are consuming. Calcium D has a detoxifying effect on estrogen molecules and a recent rat study has shown that it reduced estrogen levels by twenty-three percent and increased testosterone levels by eleven percent.


This is basically a Chinese herbal mixture. A recent few studies have shown that it reduces estrogen levels by up to fifty percent. Also, if you read the customer reviews about it on the E bay and Amazon websites, you will notice that it gets spectacular reviews. Reviews such as people reporting that they felt an increase in libido, testosterone, strength and size. They also noticed that their physiques got harder which is a clear indicator that the female sex hormone estrogen is decreasing in their bodies.

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