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What is Testosterone and How to Use it For Bodybuilding


Testosterone is a hormone produced by men and women. In men they are produced in the testes and in women they are produced in the ovaries. The adrenal glands play a part at producing a small amount of testosterone. Testosterone is largely responsible for the characteristics possessed by men such as a deep voice, facial or body hair and aggression.

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Back Muscle Anatomy And The Best Back Exercises


Back training should focus on movements that will help you contract your back muscles the best. With back more than any other part you have to get a full contraction. Don’t use weight so heavy that you can’t get your elbows as far behind you as they will go. You want to hold it for a second or so. You want to be able to feel the entire muscle group as you are doing the movement. Each back movement is important to strengthening your entire body your core and stabilization

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