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The Top 5 Most Effective Plank Exercise Positions


Ranked as one of the top exercises that target the core, particularly the oblique abdominal muscles, the plank exercise rises above the rest in simplicity, efficiency and practicality. Planks are mentioned in almost every top 10 article discussing core muscle workouts. It does not require equipment or any other special contraptions to perform

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Eating Healthy – An Examination of Popular Diets


The Mayo Clinic diet encourages heart healthy practices such as active living and healthy eating. They encourage portion size control, vegetables and fruits over carbohydrates and simple sugars, whole grains over white bread, and lean meats and good fats. Pros: Helps individuals achieve and maintain weight loss, lowers cholesterol levels, decreases abdominal fat

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Top 10 Power Herbs


I have listed the top ten power herbs to stock in your medicine chest. You can put the top ten of nature's time-tested medicines to work for you-keeping colds at bay, sharpening your memory, and increasing your energy. The herbs can help you to accomplish more during the day, feel more relaxed, and get a great night's sleep.

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Which Is Better, Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil?


As more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of fat in their diet, the consumption of food supplements such as fish oil and flax seed oil have shown an increase. You will come across people taking either fish oil or flax seed oil or even both. However, which one of these is better. Is it enough to take either one of these or one must take both to complete our requirements?

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The Benefits of Lactobacillus Acidophilus


The scientific translation of lactobacillus acidophilus is "acid-loving milk-bacterium," which means that lactobacillus acidophilus is a type of live bacteria that like to ferment certain sugars found in milk into lactic acid. Lactobacillus bacteria are one of only four hundred different kinds of bacteria that can exist in your gastrointestinal tract.

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How to Lose Belly Fat and Get a Six Pack Before the Summer Arrives


Are you an apple or a pear? If you are a pear, your pear shaped body collects fat mostly in the thighs, hips and buttocks. If you are an apple, your apple shaped body collects fat mostly in the waist. Apple people are more at risk for diabetes and heart disease. Apple people also have what is called spare tires or love handles around the waist.

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Chitosan Weight Loss Supplements – Are They Safe?


Chitosan is a chemically processed type of chitin. Chitin, a cellulose-like biopolymer, comes from crustaceans, like crabs, lobsters and shrimps, it can also be obtained from yeasts and mushrooms. Normally used in water purification systems to remove various toxic metals, greases, oils and poisonous substances

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EAA Supplements – Essential Amino Acids for Your Body


When considering amino acid supplements, you should know that there are nine essential types which should always be included in your diet for proper health. These nine essential amino acids can be taken in the form of supplements or from food sources such as eggs and animal meat.

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The Benefits of Milk Thistle – What Can They Do For You?

milk thistle-supplement

Milk thistle is grown and cultivated in many parts of Europe as an ornamental plant. It is a pretty plant with huge glossy spiked leaves that are run through with beautiful white veins. However, the medicinal benefits of milk thistle have been known for hundreds of years.

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